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Are There Any Problems After GamStop Self-Exclusion Ends?

Are There Any Problems After GamStop Self-Exclusion Ends?

The first thing you should know about entering a self-exclusion period is that the time limit you choose for the gambling sites’ blockage will be in full force until it runs out. There are several things you should do to enrol in the GamStop system program, like provide personal information, documents, etc.

The moment you become part of this GamStop list, you won’t be able to participate in any kind of online gambling activity, except for non-UK-licensed casino sites. However, some UK gamblers are facing issues even after the deactivation of GamStop. This happens due to not reading GamStop’s full terms and conditions and privacy policy.

The End Of GamStop Self-Exclusion

Players can choose to exclude themselves for six months, a year, or up to five years. Once GamStop saves your personal information, it will not let you continue or start any new gambling activities on all websites that are operating under the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission.

What’s important here is that you need to get in touch with GamStop, as soon as the time frame you’ve chosen is over. This will prevent an additional self-exclusion period. In case you fail to do so, you will be excluded for the next 7 years. This action initiates itself automatically and the only way to prevent it from launching is to contact customer service at GamStop.

Possible Problems After GamStop Deactivation

Both the GamStop activation and deactivation processes don’t take place immediately. It usually takes up to 24 hours before GamStop’s system takes effect. However, some UK players are facing issues even after GamStop’s ban expires. There are several reasons why this glitch occurs:

Casinos May Treat You As Still Self Excluded

Some players that enlisted for the self-excluding period may face problems once their ban expires. This is due to certain casinos still treating players’ data as self-excluded. In other words, if you’re a gambler that cannot get back to your casino even after your GamStop period expired, chances are that GamStop hasn’t lifted the ban yet. There is an easy fix, as all you have to do is contact GamStop via their phone number – 0800 138 6518.

New Casinos May Refuse Access

Similar issues can also occur with newly established Internet gambling sites. This scenario isn’t uncommon, as new online casinos are trying to stay in compliance with the UKGC policies. In fact, some casino operators have been fined by the UK Gambling Commission before, due to allowing addictive gamblers to spend money at their sites. This comes as a result of the fact that once a player has undergone the self-exclusion GamStop program, they are marked as addictive players.

More Verification Procedures

To be able to get back on track with your casino activities, you may be asked to go under additional verification processes. Moreover, the verification procedures can differ from one casino site to another. This request is a result of operators thinking you might be a player with an addictive personality. The problem further expands as the UKGC may induce a penalty to casinos for letting problem gamblers wager money again.

The GamStop Users’ Personal Data Storing

If you want to go through the self-exclusion plan, you must provide GamStop with your personal data. This data is shared among GamStop’s partners, i.e with the UK-verified online casinos. What this means is that each operator that takes part in GamStop’s scheme will know about your status and have access to your personal information.

Even after the self-exclusion period is over, operators are aware of players who were once enrolled in the GamStop program. According to GamStop’s policy, your data will be in the system for 7 years once the exclusion ends. During this period, the data is available to UK-licensed online casinos, so they can limit your activities in case of compulsive gambling behaviour.

People Also Ask About GamStop

Possible Issues After Gamstop Self-Exclusion FAQ

🤔 How to deactivate GamStop correctly?

As soon as the time period you’ve chosen is over, you should contact the support team at GamStop. The most efficient way to deactivate this feature is by calling the previously mentioned phone number. Otherwise, you might face some difficulties which may result in another 7 years of being self-excluded.

🙌🏼 Will I face any issues after the deactivation of GamStop?

Players may or may not face issues after the GamStop ban expires. The possible problem occurrence depends on the operator you’ve been signed up with. Some online casinos will be cautious about taking players back in, as the UKGC is strict on the subject. However, GamStop may fix the potential issues in the near future.

💡 How to avoid possible issues after GamStop ends?

The only way for ex-self-excluded players to entirely bypass GamStop issues is to play at casino sites not signed up to GamStop. This program has most online casinos regulated in the UK under its wing. All of these interfere with the self-exclusion services and features. However, if you register at any other non-GamStop entangled casino, you are good to go.

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