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Dear punters! My name is Jack Reeve. I’m a UK-based journalist focused on sports and gambling events. Currently, I’m investigating the influence of the UKGC and Gamstop scheme on problem gamblers. That’s why I’ve decided to cooperate with this online gambling portal to understand the flaws of the scheme and things that punters don’t like about new laws. As my works are cited by famous newspapers like EuropeanGaming.eu, Business Matters and MarketWatch, you may notice that I’m not the last author in this industry. Hopefully, the readers of CasinoGap.org will notice the value that I bring to the articles and tell me more ideas or their concerns via e-mail or contact form.

I am a UK-based journalist interested in all gambling and sporting events. I’ve always been interested in sports since my high school days, although I was the one they placed bets on, not the one who set them.

My interest in gambling arose later on, as I made new friends in university. I was now legal to do a lot of things, and gambling was one that I always wanted to try. So, I read a few articles, practised a bit, and tried my hand at the casino game for royalty: baccarat.

Now, I play a wide range of games, and I’m always eager to try new casino games. I also enjoy researching on sporting events and scrutinizing new changes in the industry. Like anyone else here, I play for the thrill, fun, and definitely for the money.

The Reason I Choose Career in Online Gambling Area

The gambling industry is not an obvious career choice for many journalists. I don’t think I ever heard anyone in university say that they are interested in writing about gambling. Sometimes, this seems like my reason for choosing this career. I wanted to do something less obvious and unexpected, and gambling provided the perfect opportunity.

This industry is ever-changing, and there’s so much to explore. When you think that you’re done with all that you need to know, a series of events arise again and shake things up. As a journalist, this gives me an avenue to look for cracks in the industry’s walls and flaws.

I am currently investigating the influence of the new UKGC laws, especially the Gamstop scheme, and its effect on problem gamblers. This is one of the reasons why I’m cooperating with this gambling portal to find and understand the flaws of these new laws. I also want to know what gamblers dislike about the new rules.

As a journalist in the online gambling industry, I don’t only care about the game, but also the people involved. This is what makes this job exciting at every turn.

My Way from Beginner to Expert

Apart from studying journalism at LSE, I went further to get a master’s degree in social and cultural psychology. I believe that what I studied influences the way I look into matters in the gambling industry as I put effort into understanding how the minds of gamblers and casinos work. This makes it easier to come up with tips and tricks for beating the house at different casino games.

I don’t mean to brag, but my works have been cited by popular newspapers that you many know like Business Matters, EuropeanGaming.eu and MarketWatch, so you may notice that I’m not the last author in this industry. This should give you reasons to trust my work more as I am very thorough in investigations, and I test every strategy I come up with before sharing it with my readers.

I have also made an effort to increase my skills at table games like baccarat, blackjack, and variants of poker through different online courses. I like to challenge myself, and I have tried almost all the variants of blackjack to have an in-depth knowledge of the game.

I pride myself on my experience, but this doesn’t mean that I stop learning. With my current investigations, I’m learning more and more about the gambling industry and my fellow casino players.

My Answers to the Questions from Players

Here are my answers to some of the questions asked by our readers.

What is your favourite casino game?

This was a difficult question to answer, but I’ve decided to go with baccarat. You really can’t go wrong with the most sophisticated casino game ever! The game offers elegance, smooth gameplay and has a French name. It makes you feel like royalty just by saying it. With the slots and roulette expert Bradley Oliva and our poker professional Roy Brindley we are covering every casino aspect.

What are your thoughts on the recent UKGC laws?

I think the recent UKGC laws show that the commission is making an effort to reduce gambling addiction and debts accrued by problem gamblers. Still, I can’t give much of my opinions away until my investigation is complete.

Do you think the Gamstop Self-Exclusion Scheme is effective?

Now that the Gamstop Self-Exclusion Scheme is mandatory for all online casinos in the UK, I believe it will be more effective than before. This statement is depending on the fact that the casinos will implement it efficiently and not half-heartedly.

Any advice for new casino players?

It’s always best to start with free games! Players are still eager to start betting on the real money casino games, but you can’t do well at them if you don’t practice a bit.

Do you play for the money or the thrill?

I’d like to believe that I play for both. Winning money is exciting, and so this adds to the thrill, and it’s the expectation of the thrill that causes you to want to earn money. They are both connected.

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