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My name is Roy Brindley and I am a poker player and author at CasinoGap team. I have a Master’s degree in journalism at City, University London. I have taken part in some poker tournaments (“Sunday Million” + “Omania”), courses (“PokerStars School” + “The Upswing Poker Lab”) and played at many poker sites. So I exactly know what non-Gamstop poker players are looking for and know how to help them. My role here is not just to provide more useful content but also find new platforms that will satisfy all needs of poker fans. If you’d like to contact me, please, click on the “Contact” button. I’ll be happy to answer you and sort our your problem anytime!

Hello, fellow casino game lover! I really enjoy casino games. This pretty much sums up who I am in a few words, but this isn’t enough as it could as well describe you too. As lovers of casino games, we all enjoy the anticipation and exhilaration that comes with a good casino game. That’s the main reason why I enjoy playing.

From the moment I agreed to play poker with my high school friends in our den, I realized that the game did more than fascinate me. Casino games, for one, were a lot of fun. Just sitting there with people and trying to gain the upper hand excited me. Plus, the suspense that comes before you realize you have won or lost filled me with anticipation!

Currently, games can be played online, and have in no way lost their thrill. Now that we’ve established how much we love casino games, here is everything you should know about me.

The Reason I Choose Career in Online Gambling Area

I’ve been asked this question so many times by people around me. I studied journalism, so why did I decide to go towards the direction of online gambling. The answer, ‘I love online casino games,’ is never enough for many, as gambling seems like a hobby rather than a career field.

There’s so much to learn when it comes to online gambling, and from the current rate, the industry is only going to advance and become better and better. As a journalist, wherever there’s a lot to write about, I have to be there. I guess you could say that my ‘spidey sense’ saw a lot of potential in online gambling.

Not only this, but I live by the principle of having fun while I work. If my work entails playing games I enjoy, bringing up winning strategies, and contributing to the community of like-minded people, I have found my happy place. I can make a lot of money while doing what I enjoy.

My Way from Beginner to Expert

You’re probably wondering, ‘Why should we trust this person? What could he possibly know?’ There are many reasons you should trust what I say and write, and my years of experience is one of them.

After graduating from university, I went on to get a Master’s Degree in journalism at City University in London. Journalism and research have always been my passion, as I always enjoy getting to the bottom of any topic.

As a poker player, I didn’t just groom my skills by playing with friends or online sites, but I took a step forward by participating in a lot of poker tournaments. I guess you could say that poker games are my soul mates, and I pride myself on being a professional.

Some tournaments that I have participated in include Sunday Million and Omania. I have also continuously improved my poker skills and learned a wide range of strategies with poker courses like The Upswing Poker Lab and PokerStars School.

For my work and the thrill, I have played in a lot of poker websites. This has led me to be better, not only in playing the different types of poker but also in bringing up winning strategies in my free time.

With my experience, education, and interest in online casino games, I can say that I have what it takes to write on, not only poker but other games. Also, with the help of my mates Jack Reeve and Bradley Oliva, we are creating the content for our readers from a really professional point of view.

My Answers to the Questions from Players

Many of you had questions for our writers, and so here the answers to those I picked.

What is your favourite casino game, and why?

From my introduction above, you can see that online poker has always been my favourite. This is probably because it introduced me to the world of online casino games, and it’s that one game that I can play whenever I want to relieve stress or when I’m bored. After poker, I enjoy online slots.

Are there any changes you want to see in the gambling industry?

It would be great if it were easier and less expensive for those who want to open online casino sites. Many ideas that casino lovers might have and want to add to a website, but can’t open their casino because of rigorous processes. This doesn’t mean that the UKGC shouldn’t be thorough!

Are there any UKGC laws you think aren’t necessary?

The new UKGC laws banned the use of credit cards in playing at online casinos, but I think they should have placed a limit on how much you can bet using credit cards rather than just banning it altogether. This is because there are many players to use their credit cards to gamble responsibly.

What advice do you have for UK players?

Know the laws before you start playing at UK online casinos. These casinos are regulated by a lot of rules from the UKGC, and so you should be familiar with them, so you don’t make a mistake. Also, don’t play at an unlicensed site! That’s a big mistake!

Have you ever gotten bored with a casino game?

When I play a casino game for too long, I can get tired and feel like I want something new. Luckily for me, there are a lot of games to choose from!

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