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BACTA Self-Exclusion

BACTA Self-Exclusion

Whether you are a new or experienced casino player, always pay attention to the funds you use to wager and the time you spend doing so. While gambling can be fun, there are instances of players crossing the line and going into problem gambling.

To prevent this, you can use many tools, and one of those tools is the Bacta self-exclusion scheme. If you think that you are also moving into the territory of problem gambling, this tool can be of great help. In this article, you will see how to register for the scheme, its benefits, and how it differs from other self-exclusion tools.

What is the Purpose of Bacta Self-Exclusion?

The primary purpose of Bacta self-exclusion is to prevent you from gambling at one of the many Adult Gaming Centers. You can start your self-exclusion from the AGC or call the support agents and have them add you to the list. Similarly, you can talk to the agents about what this scheme includes and how it protects you. Remember that once the exclusion duration starts, it cannot be cancelled before the expiration date.

Bacta Logging In Process

As mentioned, you can start your Bacta self-exclusion from a physical AGC location or by phone. In both cases, you won’t need to create the account but provide personal information and a photograph that Bacta will use to make your account. Furthermore, you will need to give consent to start the self-exclusion.

Bacta vs GamStop: Comparison

Even though Bacta and GamStop are the two biggest self-exclusion schemes in the UK, they have some key similarities and differences that can draw you to one or the other. Let’s explore them in greater detail:


GamStop is one of the most popular self-exclusion services in the UK. If you register an account via the official GamStop website, except for casinos not with GamStop, you will be prevented from visiting, depositing, and playing at many licensed online gambling platforms.


While GamStop deals with online gaming platforms, Bacta is an exclusion scheme available only for licensed land-based adult gaming centres. To register, you must visit your local AGC or phone them to activate the exclusion, preventing you from gambling at these land-based locations.

UK Self-Exclusion Services Besides BACTA

There are a plethora of responsible gambling schemes in the UK that you can be part of if you want to stop or prevent the habit of problem gambling. Besides Bacta, check out other available self-exclusion services:


MOSES is another land-based self-exclusion scheme that is available to UK punters. You can contact MOSES support agents at 0800 294 2060, register, and set a 12-month exclusion period for your local AGCs.


SENSE is another self-exclusion scheme for Brits. To register, you can visit your local land-based casino and ask for the manager or download the application form from the official website and send it once you have filled in the information.


BISES, or the Bingo Industry Self-exclusion Scheme, is a tool that prevents you from going over the line with your bingo gambling. You can phone, email, or visit your local bingo establishment to set up an account.


✔️ Is BACTA self-exclusion service free?

Yes, you do not need to pay any fee to activate the self-exclusion tool. However, you need to visit your local AGC, talk to an employee, understand the scheme, and pick an exclusion duration.

✔️ What is the duration of the BACTA self-exclusion period?

You get to decide the duration of your self-exclusion period. The tool allows you to choose any duration from 6 to 12 months. After it expires, you can again phone or head to your local AGC and prolong or cancel the exclusion.

✔️ Does BACTA work outside the UK?

No, the BACTA self-exclusion scheme is only available in the UK. That means casinos based outside the UK will still be available even after you register for this self-exclusion scheme.

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