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Barclays Gambling Block

Barclays Gambling Block

Barclays is a UK-based multinational bank that aims to help those battling a gambling addiction by offering them the option to block gambling transactions. With the popularity of online gambling rising in the UK, it is wise to block gambling transactions via Barclays if you suspect your gaming hobby is turning into more than just a hobby.

Since Brits aren’t allowed to use credit cards to gamble or bet, Barclays decided to make this feature available at least for debit card users. If you want to discover how Barclays is helping consumers fight irresponsible gambling practices and stay in charge of their finances, stick around until the end of this guide!

Barclays Gambling Block: How Does It Work?

The Barclays gambling block is an effective feature designed to help consumers take control over their spending habits and monitor their finances more efficiently. Once enabled, the system will automatically decline any transactions or payments related to gambling, whether for casino games or sports betting.

If you have the gambling block on, it will automatically decline any attempt to transact money to an online casino or sportsbook. It’s a proactive measure that reduces the risk of falling into gambling-related behaviours and activities. However, the feature is not only available for gambling limitations as you can use it to limit your overall spending, making it perfect even for non-gamblers with spending issues.

How to Block Gambling Transactions with Barclays

The Gambling Block feature is available to all Barclays debit card holders. You can activate it with a simple click on the “turn on” option on the bank’s mobile app. This user-friendly approach offers an extra layer of protection and security by promoting responsible spending. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to block gambling transactions with Barclays:

  1. Proceed to the Barclays App
  2. Choose Your Debit Card
  3. Click on the ‘Merchant control’ Button
  4. Choose the Categories to Block
  5. Turn the Off or On Using the Toggle

Alternative Banking Apps Offering Gambling Block Options

Numerous banking apps have introduced innovative features that help consumers control their finances. When preparing this guide, we also explored alternatives to the Barclays restriction feature that provides valuable gambling block options. Here’s a list of the alternative gambling block options worth checking out:

FAQ Barclays Gambling Block

▶️ Can I unblock gambling transactions with Barclays?

Yes, you can unblock gambling transactions with Barclays by switching off the gambling block feature in the mobile app. The bank provides total flexibility to consumers and allows them to control when and how to engage with their spending habits.

▶️ Is Barclays gambling block more effective than GamStop?

Yes, the gambling block feature from Barclays is more effective than GamStop as it covers even casino sites not on GamStop, which is very helpful for many UK punters. It offers greater effectiveness compared to GamStop because of the broader coverage and greater restriction limits.

▶️ Can Barclays assist with quitting online gambling?

Yes, Barclays can help consumers quit online gambling by implementing the gambling block feature. This feature effectively restricts gambling-related transactions so that account holders cannot continue with their impulsive spending. The gambling block feature promotes protection and financial well-being for all debit card holders.

▶️ Does Barclays block gambling transactions via credit cards?

In the UK, you can’t use credit cards for gambling transactions at UKGC-licensed casinos due to the numerous regulatory restrictions that come with their licences. However, you can always play at offshore-based online casinos that accept credit cards, with the most common options being Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro rather than Barclays.

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