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Does GamStop Include Betting Shops?

Does GamStop Include Betting Shops

Even though GamStop covers a lot of betting activities, the scheme is present only in the online scene. Therefore, the self-exclusion program is not available for offline betting shops in the country. GamStop is an online self-exclusion tool that covers only online betting and not the land-based one, but it doesn’t mean that betting shops are excluded from self-exclusion schemes.

In the UK, there are many bookmakers not restricted by GamStop, due to its limited online operations. However, the self-exclusion scheme called SENSE covers all land-based betting shops while assisting problematic players with self-exclusion features. SENSE was launched in 2015 and is the most known self-exclusion program in the United Kingdom.

GamStop Does Not Cover Betting Shops

Even though it is the most used self-exclusion platform for wagering in the UK, GamStop is limited only to online operations. In other words, the self-exclusion features offered by GamStop are valid for Internet betting, while the brick-and-mortar establishments aren’t covered.

However, if you’re a problem gamer that’s looking for a ban from gaming activities in the real world, there’s another scheme that you can enroll yourself into. SENSE is a land-based self-exclusion program that is free and easy to register.

SENSE – Offline Self-Exclusion

SENSE is one of the self-exclusion schemes that you can use for betting shops in the UK. It’s a platform founded in 2015 by the National Casino Forum. Ever since 2020, it is operated by the Betting and Gambling Council.

The registration is free and fast; you just need to provide a picture of yourself and fill out the form. The minimum self-exclusion period via SENSE is six months and can be renewed or discarded upon request.

GamStop and Betting Shops FAQ

🤔 Does GamStop cover betting shops?

Unfortunately no, GamStop doesn’t cover betting shops since it operates only online. The betting shops in the country offer an alternative to GamStop in the form of SENSE. SENSE is available for gamers in England, Scotland and Wales and is valid for all betting shops in the UK.

🤔 How to self-exclude from gambling at betting shops?

There are few alternatives for self-exclusion from gambling and betting shops. SENSE is one option that allows you to self-exclude yourself offline from all gambling and betting shops in the United Kingdom. The minimum option you can select is six months, and it’s valid until the end of the period unless you ask for an extension.

🤔 Do I need to pay for SENSE?

No, you don’t have to pay for SENSE; it’s completely free. Like many other self-exclusion schemes in the UK, SENSE is free of charge, and any gamer can enlist themselves in the program. You can enrol by visiting any licensed land-based casino or betting shop in the UK or complete the process online.

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