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Does GamStop Include Bingo Halls?

Does GamStop Include Bingo Halls

As with any other game of chance, bingo is also included in various self-exclusion schemes. Nowadays, GamStop UK exclusion is used to assist and help players that aren’t able to control their gambling activities. Across the United Kingdom, the bingo industry allows all players to request exclusion from bingo halls.

To further clarify things, there are specific self-exclusion schemes because there is bingo not on GamStop at land-based bingo halls in Great Britain. The Bingo Association self-exclusion scheme is one-way players can ask for help when their gaming is getting out of hand and they need to be excluded from brick-and-mortar establishments.

GamStop Does Not Cover Bingo Halls

GamStop can only help players who need assistance with online bingo websites. If you are seeking help or assistance with bingo halls, there are various self-exclusion schemes on which you can enrol.

But if you’re searching for online bingo exclusion, you can head over to the official site of GamStop, and at the bottom of the main page, you will see all the available options. You should note that once you activate the GamStop ban, you won’t be able to turn it off until the period expires.

Bingo Association Self-Exclusion

There are also self-exclusion tools to stop playing at offline bingo halls. The Bingo Association provides self-exclusion for everyone who needs help. The quickest way to enter the scheme is to head to the local bingo hall, where a trained member will help you through the process.

The employee will explain the scheme, take a digital photo from you, and you’ll need to fill out and sign an online form. You will find all necessary terms and conditions on the form, including the self-exclusion duration.

GamStop and Bingo Halls FAQ

🤔 Does GamStop cover bingo halls?

Unfortunately, no, as at the moment, GamStop only operates online and can only assist customers with gambling tendencies at online bingo websites. However, there are some other tools and schemes that cover land-based bingo halls across the UK, such as the Bingo Association Self-exclusion program.

🤔 How to self-exclude from bingo halls?

The easiest and quickest way to self-exclude is with the Bingo Association Self-exclusion scheme. All you have to do is head to your local bingo hall, where a trained member will gather your info, take a photo and help you fill out the required form.

🤔Do I need to pay for Bingo Association self-exclusion?

There will be no need to pay for the self-exclusion at the Bingo Association. Even if you can’t go to your local bingo hall, you can contact them, and within 2 business days, a club representative will get in touch with you to go over all the required forms that need to be completed free of charge.

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