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Does GamStop Include Poker Rooms?

Does GamStop Include Poker Rooms?

To solve the massive problem of gambling addiction in the UK, the government introduced a public program called GamStop. Using it, UK citizens can voluntarily exclude themselves from using online casinos and sports betting websites. GamStop will track your IP, detect all activities, and prevent you from visiting gambling platforms. There are more than 100,000 GamStop participants right now, and the program shows amazing results.

What stays unsolved in the issues of land-based casinos? Players who are excluded from online platforms can still visit offline poker rooms and casinos all over the country. Discover what program can help you with addiction problems if GamStop doesn’t work.

GamStop & Poker Rooms: Explanation

GamStop is an online-based project that blocks access to online casinos. You can find non GamStop poker sites outside the UK, but all British-licensed platforms will be blocked. As for offline casinos, including professional poker rooms, you can visit them freely. Such places are fully legal in the UK, and GamStop cannot prevent you from using them. However, you should stay aware of possible gambling addiction. If you need support with online casino usage, there are addiction risks offline, too.

How to Self-Exclude From Land-Based Poker Rooms?

What to do if you still use land-based casinos after registering at GamStop? For offline gambling locations, the SENSE program was introduced. It is a state project, including all gambling industries in the UK. To take part, you have to visit the official SENSE website or visit the offline location. You can find all the places on the official site. Once registered, you’ll be excluded from all casinos and poker rooms in the UK. The terms start from 6 months to several years. The program covers not only casino games like slots but also poker, bingo, and bookmakers.


▶️ Does GamStop include poker?

GamStop blocks all online gambling platforms. It includes online slots, poker rooms, and even sports betting. Registering at GamStop, you’ll be blocked from using poker sites, but it doesn’t cover land-based poker.

▶️ How can I self-exclude from land-based poker rooms?

Register at the SENSE. It is another state program preventing UK citizens from gambling at land-based casinos. SENSE covers all gambling locations in the country with official registration. To participate, download the SENSE app or register offline at project offices.

▶️ Is it possible to exclude myself from poker rooms for free?

Absolutely. GamStop is a free program, as well as SENSE, supported by public organizations and the government. You can register for free and obtain help with your problematic behaviour for any term, from several months to several years.

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