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Gamban vs. GamStop

Gamban vs. GamStop

Various forms of gambling exist in the United Kingdom, such as sports betting, online gambling, lotteries, and casinos. These gambling activities are what grow the gambling industry, with British residents slowly opening up to the idea of responsible gambling.

Software developers and casinos are working to release new and innovative casino games to match the high demand for the latest casino products. One growing concern among UK citizens is the exponential increase in problem gambling. New analyses from the online gambling regulator in Britain, UKGC, show that over 1.3 million adults suffer from problem gambling. This forced the online regulatory authority to provide self-exclusion and responsible gambling tools and programs to address the growing concern of problem gamblers. These platforms seek to restrict access to gambling activities for problem gamblers.

What is GamStop?

GamStop is a free self-exclusion program that controls your online gambling activities. Upon registering for the program, casino operators licensed in Great Britain for a period of their choosing prevent players from using gambling websites or apps.

GamStop is operated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGCC) and remains present on all UKGC-licensed casinos except for non Gamestop casino sites outside its jurisdiction. After completing their self-exclusion period, players can resume their normal gambling activities.

What is Gamban?

GamBan is an easy-to-use application that blocks all gambling platforms or apps installed on your devices. This provides a safe, secure, and reliable option to avoid gambling websites and apps.

After installing the Gamban app, users can no longer access gambling apps and websites. The app works seamlessly on Android, Mac OS, Windows, and iOS. The software covers a wide range of gambling-related sites. The only difference from GamStop is that Gamban has a subscription model, whereas the other is free.

Comparison of Gamban and GamStop Scheme

From an outsider looking in, both Gamban and GamStop seem like similar tools aimed at preventing problem gamblers from accessing gambling activities. But, an in-depth look reveals similarities and differences between these self-exclusion programs. One is a free, responsible gambling tool, while the other works on a subscription basis. Here is a complete breakdown of these two programs:

Feature GamStop Gamban
Coverage GamStop covers online gambling sites that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission Gamban blocks access to online gambling sites across all devices
Block Non-UKGC Sites No Yes
Cost Free Freemium
Implementation GamStop requires users to sign up on their website Gamban operates by installing software on the user’s devices
Accessibility Local (UK) International


GamStop is a product from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Hence, it restricts access to gambling activities for UK residents from gambling sites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. On the other hand, Gamban is an app that one’s installed, blocks access to gambling sites across all devices.

Non-UKGC Sites

Unfortunately, GamStop only blocks access to online casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Hence, problem gamblers can still access casinos licensed outside the UK to continue their gambling. However, Gamban blocks access to any gambling site regardless of the jurisdiction.


GamStop is a completely free self-exclusion program meant to curb any related excessive gambling by UK residents. It is an affordable option for any problem gambler looking to regulate their gambling activities. On the other hand, there are two payment options, monthly and yearly, to access the Gamban services. However, some jurisdictions can access their services for free.


After signing up to GamStop, it shares the information with the registered casino operators. The casino operators use this information to prevent registered individuals from accessing gambling services for the selected self-exclusion period. Gamban acts as a software application that, once installed on your device, blocks all gambling-related activities.


UK residents can access GamStop services through any UK Gambling Commission-licensed gambling site. It is primarily tailored for UK residents with problem gambling. In contrast, Gamban is available to users globally. Moreover, it supports multiple devices, such as smartphones, desktops or tablets.

Gamban vs. GamStop: Common Features

Both Gamban and GamStop are useful, responsible gambling tools aimed at addressing the growing concern of problem gamblers. Through their application, both tools share various features that make them a top choice for any gambler seeking self-exclusion. Here is a breakdown of common features expected from these tools:


Both Gamban and GamStop share an overarching purpose of addressing issues related to online gambling. Moreover, these tools aim to promote a culture of responsible gambling while empowering gamblers during the self-exclusion period.

Customer Support

Both Gamban and GamStop offer 24/7 customer support services to their users. Moreover, these programs have active respondents capable of handling complaints, issues, or inquiries about their program. They commit to ensuring user satisfaction and responsible gambling behaviour.

Incapability to Remove

After installing the Gamban software on their devices or registering on GamStop, users cannot remove it or end their self-exclusion period. Hence, a player can’t remove GamStop or delete Gamban after activating it. This prevents any relapsing after starting the self-exclusion period.


🤔 Which self-exclusion tool works better?

The first tool we recommend our audience to use is Gamban. This is because it works globally while preventing access to all gambling websites and apps regardless of the jurisdiction or licensing body. Also, it works across all your devices to provide limited access to gambling-related activities.

🤔 What sets GamStop apart from Gamban?

GamStop is a self-exclusion program specifically meant for UK residents to allow themselves to self-exclude from gambling activities for a chosen period. On the other hand, Gamban is a software application that blocks all access to online gambling sites once installed. Moreover, it works on a subscription-based model, depending on your location.

🤔 Do GamStop and Gamban come at no cost?

For GamStop, it is a free self-exclusion program available to all UK residents without any charges. On the other hand, Gamban comes with a monthly and yearly subscription, depending on your location. New users can try out the seven-day free trial before making a subscription to the software.

🤔 What is similar between Gamban and GamStop?

One similarity between Gamban and GamStop is their commitment to addressing the rising concern of problem gambling. Moreover, both tools seek to promote a culture of responsible gambling. Also, both tools have a commitment, once activated, that prevents users from revoking their access to gambling sites.

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