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Gamban Review

Gamban Review

How do you tackle the damage of problem gambling? One of the most effective ways to prevent harmful gambling habits is to stop visiting websites that encourage or maintain that behaviour. This can be done with dedicated software, and one of the top-rated gambling blockers available today is GamBan.

GamBan is an affordable app compatible with nearly every device. By simply downloading GamBan, users can block websites that host any type of gambling content, games, sportsbooks, guides, etc. Keep on reading to learn more about how GamBan can help you regain control of your life, health and finances.

GamBan Features

Gamban is a responsible gambling tool, and its main feature is its ability to block online casinos and other gambling websites with the help of AI. This can benefit customers greatly, but GamBan isn’t without its flaws. In this section, we will look at some of the pros and cons of this service in more detail, which can help you determine whether this is the proper application for you.

Benefits of Gamban

Pros of GamBan

Gamban has gained its popularity because of some killer-features that gamblers like. Here are some of them:

Available For All Devices

A major selling point of this app is its broad compatibility with virtually any device that you may own. It works on Android and iOS smartphones, as well as Windows and macOS computers. This means that no matter what kind of device you’re on – you won’t see any online wagering content.

Easy To Use

Users can quickly get GamBan on any of their devices by simply downloading the app. After the download, create your account and you are good to go. The app automatically blocks any harmful sites without you having to do anything.

Possibility To Try For Free

If you are interested in trying out the app, you’re in luck. The company offers a 7-day free trial, after which you can decide if GamBan is the right fit for you. The trial period provides all the essential features that you’ll get with the paid version if you choose to subscribe.

One Of The Most Reliable Gambling Blockers

GamBan is an effective solution for those wondering how to block gambling sites on their devices. The company claims that GamBan can block access to over 60,000 websites and apps that are related to gambling in some way. Plus, you can manually add websites too.

Drawbacks of Gamban

Cons of GamBan

As every other gambling blocking software, Gamban has some disadvantages. Here are some that UK gamblers should be aware about:

Sometimes May Be Buggy

While no software is perfect, GamBan seems to be disproportionately affected by bugs and glitches. Some users have reported that the app completely blocks their access to the Internet. Moreover, others found the app not working after a restart or system update.

Some Sites May Be Not Blocked By GamBan

GamBan claims to block over 60,000 websites that offer gambling services and information. However, there are still some casinos that are not blocked by Gamban and can be accessed with an active subscription.

Is Not Completely Free

While the app offers a 1-week free trial, users have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription. Admittedly, GamBan is one of the more affordable options, but the added cost is a factor you have to take into consideration. The other option is to look for other alternatives.

Customer Support May Be Slow

GamBan offers live support to its customers. However, many users report that the support is sometimes slow to answer or even completely unavailable. This can be detrimental to users who require immediate help with the app.

Alternatives To Gamban

Blocking gaming sites is undoubtedly an effective strategy to curb your harmful behaviour. But what if GamBan does not do the trick? Don’t worry, as there are several other tools available to you that do the same thing, both as free apps and paid services. Here are some alternatives worth considering:

  1. GamStop
  2. Gamblock
  3. SpelPaus
  4. NetNanny
  5. Cold Turkey
  6. BetBlocker

Gamban FAQ

📝 What is Gamban?

Gamban is a subscription-based service which blocks any online wagering-related websites. By doing this, the user can easily reduce their gambling habits if they are experiencing any gaming addiction behaviour. The app can be downloaded on almost any device, including smartphones and computers.

📝 How much does Gamban cost?

There is a monthly and yearly subscription – the service costs £2.49/month or 24.99/year. However, there are some options to get Gamban for free; namely, there are plenty of promotions that will get you a free yearly subscription. You could also see the 7-day free trial, which allows you to test the service before purchasing.

📝 How to uninstall Gamban?

You cannot uninstall GamBan as easily as any other app on your device. The easiest way to remove GamBan is to wait out the subscription period. It’s important to note that not even customer support can stop the ban before the period expires.

📝 Does Gamban block all gambling sites?

Almost all the online gaming sites are blocked by GamBan. However, some websites can bypass the ban. In most cases, these are newer sites, which only temporarily remain unblocked. In any case, even if a website bypasses the block, GamBan can still block any transactions to gambling websites.

📝 Is it possible to get around Gamban?

No, there is almost no way to bypass the GamBan block intentionally. The only way to access online casinos with an active subscription is to use a device without the software installed. But customers who are using the GamBan services shouldn’t be looking to get around the block, as this can be detrimental to their recovery.

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