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Gambling Counselling Services

Gambling Counselling Services

Is gambling harmful, and should you stop playing immediately? In most cases, people responsibly gamble for entertainment and experience no problems. However, in certain circumstances, some people take the hobby too far and develop a problem with gambling. Luckily, there are lots of resources that can help you stop gambling behaviour if you need that.

In this article, we will discuss some essential resources that are available to those struggling with problem wagering. Aside from helping problem gamblers directly, these resources also raise awareness of the potential harm gambling can have. Continue reading to find out more.

GamCare – The National Gambling Helpline

One of the first programs you should turn to for help is GamCare. This is the leading helpline in the country that provides information, support and advice on the harms of problem gambling. The primary way GamCare help is by running the national gambling helpline (0808 8020 133).

You can get GamCare counselling over the phone or schedule an in-person counselling session. The helpline service is live and confidential and operates 24/7. The advisers are trained to provide valuable advice, point to further information, and raise awareness about the harm gambling can have.

Gordon Moody Association

The Gordon Moody Association offers a different approach to solving problem gambling. For over 50 years, this organisation has been helping players in the form of residential treatment. The Gordon Moody gambling help is based on dealing with substance abuse.

There is a 12-week programme where participants participate in various activities, therapy sessions, and counselling. The programme is free, except for the optional housing and living costs for those who want to reside at the clinic during the programme.

Gamblers Anonymous UK

Created by the new owner of GamStop, Gamblers Anonymous is a more social approach to online gaming addiction. Much like other substance abuse support groups, this is a fellowship of other men and women struggling with gambling addiction.

GamAnon hosts regular online and offline gatherings, where people can share their experiences with gambling and how it affects them. People in these groups also commit to working together to help each other. The Gamblers Anonymous support focuses on the spiritual and personal roots of problem gambling.

National Problem Gambling Clinic

The National Problem Gambling Clinic is operated by the NHS and provides care and support to people suffering from problem gambling. It is available to anyone in England and Wales over the age of 13 who has experienced harm from excessive gambling.

The clinic’s expert psychiatrists and psychologists have extensive experience in the area. They specialise in more complex and severe situations, such as chronic gambling problems or other mental health difficulties.

Gambling Counselling FAQ

🤔 What are gambling counselling services?

Gambling counselling services are free resources offered to people struggling with problem gambling. These services teach players responsible gambling and can help people whose health, relationships and finances were negatively affected by their gambling behaviour by providing information, advice and guidance.

🤔 How to receive help at these organisations?

The easiest way to get in touch with these organisations is to call them directly or use live chat or forums if they have them. Most of the time, they can instantly help you on the spot. Alternatively, they might help you set an appointment or point you to other resources.

🤔Do I need to pay for gambling counselling services?

No, all of these services are available at no additional cost. A lot of the resources are charities or funded by the government, so they are freely available. This is because charging people who likely already struggle financially is not helpful.

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