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GamStop Participating Companies

GamStop participating companies

GamStop is a self-exclusion programme for online casino players who want to be excluded from gambling for a period of time of their own volition. All GamStop casino sites are UKGC-licensed with no exceptions on the market. In 2023, more than 400k gamblers participated in the program.

However, not all GamStop-registered players need to see their exclusion period through to the end and feel rehabilitated even before their exclusion expires. Read on to learn more about companies that participated with GamStop.

What Are GamStop Casino Websites

GamStop casinos are gambling sites that participate in the GamStop self-exclusion scheme. GamStop caters to UK gamblers who are registered with a gambling company licensed by the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom and want to take time off from gambling. Participation in the program is mandatory for all UK-licensed casinos. You can determine the self-exclusion period in accordance with the program; it can last from six months to up to 5 years.

If you are registered with a gambling site licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, you can contact your support assistant and arrange the details of your exclusion. However, to use the free service, you must register on GamStop via their official website.

Are All UK Casinos on the GamStop Casino List?

As per UKGC regulations, all casinos holding a UKGC licence must be part of GamStop to ensure fair gaming practices. The scheme is particularly tailored for problem gamblers who need to detach themselves from real money gambling in any shape or form. However, while all UK-licensed casinos are part of GamStop, many non-UKGC operators aren’t.

Note that these are licensed casinos, only not by the UKGC. There are dozens of non-GamStop UK casinos local players can access. These sites are usually licensed by the Curacao eGaming or Malta Gaming Commission or – regulators without legal obligation to participate in the UK self-exclusion scheme.

GamStop Sites: FAQ

➡️ Where can I find a list of GamStop Casinos?

There are two ways you can check if a casino is on the GamStop program: either go to the official GamStop website or when you enter an online casino platform and you find the UKGC stamp, you will know that the operator is part of GamStop.

➡️ Can I play at a UKGC casino if registered on the GamStop program?

No, you can’t play at a casino licensed by the UKGC if you’re registered on GamStop and have initiated a self-exclusion period. You can play again at a UKGC casino once the exclusion period elapses. If you’re wondering how to bypass Gamstop, you can register with an off-shore operator that accepts UK players.

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