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Gamstop Review: UK Self-Exclusion Tool

GamStop Self-Exclusion UK

When you want to take a break from gambling, but don’t want to go through the manual process, is here to help! This is a self-exclusion tool that would ban all online players that want to enter a UK registered casino.

Regardless of whether you’re registered with the casino or not, they will all be obligated to decline your entrance. This self-exclusion can last as little as 6 months or go up to 5 years. In this article, we are going to cover the following topics about GamStop self-exclusion in the UK:

  1. GamStop Aims
  2. GamStop Pros and Cons
  3. GamStop Alternative Blockers
  4. GamStop Sel-Exlcusion Worldwide Options
  5. GamStop-Related Information

The Aims of GamStop

Online gaming is fun, but it can also do irreparable damage to a player’s wallet. For that reason, the UK Gambling Commission tries to put a stop to this problem together with the help of GamStop. Here are the main GamStop goals:

Protect Addicted Gamblers

As exciting as it is, online gaming can grow into a destructive habit. GamStop works on preventing this from ever happening by blocking the user from all licensed UK casinos. Those that sense that the excitement has grown into addiction can easily apply for this blockage. This way, they will have no way to access the sites, which will result in breaking the habit.

Prevent Possible Gambling Harm

The main goal of GamStop is to spread the word about the dangers and damage that can come from online wagering. If players don’t feel the need to stop their gaming habit, they can bring forth big losses or dire consequences. GamStop tries to set punters back on their journey of entertainment, void of any harm.

Educate About Responsible Gambling

GamStop wants to tell every player that there is always someone that will have their back in case their fun turns into a constant need for more profit. In order to cultivate responsible gambling among punters, this blocker has partnered with many other companies like Gamban, Data Shed, even football clubs like Boro and Luton Town FC.

Overcome Possible Negative Consequences

Uncontrolled gambling can lead to debts and various other problems. This is not good for the punter or the people around them. One of GamStop’s aims is to end these negative consequences by giving a chance to the player to erase this bad habit. Here, all players get a chance to stop for a while and ease out of that loop.

Features of GamStop

This free tool can be accessed by all punters that want to put an end to their online wagering habit. You can register on the site and choose the time limit of the blockage. The next time you try to log in to some UK licensed casino, GamStop will prevent you from entering.

GamStop Benefits

Pros of GamStop

GamStop provides a great direct solution to your gambling problems. With this tool, punters can easily slip out of this bad habit. The organisation has proven to provide an effective way to help players get back on the right gaming track. Here are some advantages to it:

Completely Free

GamStop is a fully free-of-charge service. This means that any Brit player that feels that they’re losing touch with fun when wagering, can turn to this blocker. You just need to enter your information and choose the limit for which you want to be banned.

Available at All UK Casinos

With this blockage tool, all registered punters will be blocked out from online casinos that hold a UK licence. The time period can vary depending on what you have chosen. It can be as low as 6 months or you can choose up to 5 years.

No Way To Cancel Self-Exclusion

Once you start using GamStop, there is no way to exit the service. Many players wonder how to cancel the GamStop self-exclusion but the reality is that there is no way around it because it can have negative consequences. This obstruction is intentionally placed so that punters don’t change their minds and opt out.

Support Through Live Chat and Phone

If you want to check the status of your self-exclusion or have any other questions regarding your ban, you can always contact GamStop’s support centre. Through the live chat, you will promptly receive an answer. And in case you want a more direct approach, you can always call their number.

GamStop Drawbacks

Cons of GamStop

We can’t tell you to jump into this blockage without pointing out the drawbacks. Many UK players have read only the advantages but have later on faced several problems. Here are some disadvantages that you may want to know about:

Only Works For UKGC-Licensed Operators

The biggest drawback is that GamStop currently works only with online casinos registered in the UK. This puts to question the availability of some online casinos not on Gamstop and bookies not on GamStop that are registered offshore. Sadly, many punters go to these sites and wager without any responsible gambling policies.

There Are Still Some Ways Around GamStop

Another unfortunate thing is that UK punters found the ways to get around GamStop. We’re talking about small loopholes like changing a few letters in your name or even changing your address. Many punters have reported that this is enough to bypass the GamStop barrier.

Gamblers May Face Issues After Self-Exclusion Ends

Even after their self-exclusion period ends, many players have reported facing issues. Some haven’t been able to get into their account and others were labelled as problematic gamblers. This pushed various online sites into banning entrance for some players on their own.

Do Not Cover Land-Based Gambling Venues

GamStop is only created to cover online casinos. Hence, players that want to go to land-based casinos won’t be affected by it. However, those that want to put a stop to this type of gaming as well, can register with SENSE self-exclusion for land-based casinos and cover all sides.

Gambling Blocker Alternatives to GamStop

As great as GamStop is, it has some small setbacks. In order to stop this habit, there are other alternatives that can even work together with GamStop to set punters on the right track. Here are some other options for UK players:

Gambling Blockers

There are several other types of gambling blockers that work similar to GamStop. Some of them, like GamBan, are paid services because they believe this way people will take it more seriously. Nonetheless, there are many other free blockers that can fortify your will to stop online wagering.

Block Gambling Transaction Through Banks

Many UK banks have also taken part in helping British players solve their online gaming issues. They also offer a self-exclusion system where they would block the transactions from the punter when they notice online wagering. Some big names are active like Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays, etc.

Self-Exclusion Alternatives to GamStop Scheme

As we saw, GamStop is only available for UK-based online casinos. Fortunately, there are many other worldwide self-exclusion schemes. Registering with several of them can help punters block their gaming addiction anywhere in the world. This is a list of some of the most popular international blockers:

GamStop-Related Information

Gamstop Self-Exclusion Scheme FAQs

🤔 What is GamStop?

GamStop is a free self-exclusion tool that blocks punters from entering all online casinos that are registered in the UK. By registering for it, you can choose a period of 6 months and up to 5 years in which you will be banned from all online casino sites in the UK.

🤔 What does GamStop cover?

GamStop currently only covers online gambling websites in the UK. For those punters that wager in brick-and-mortar casinos as well, there is SENSE – a self-exclusion program for offline gambling. All punters can sign up for both to make sure they put a stop to their money-draining addiction.

🤔 Is GamStop self-exclusion free?

Yes, GamStop is a fully free self-exclusion blocker. You just need to sign up for the program and you won’t be able to enter any online casino registered by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

🤔 Is GamStop available outside the UK?

No, GamStop is a blocker that only works on UK-based casinos. For blocking online casinos that are registered outside of the UK, you can see our list of GamStop alternatives that work worldwide.

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