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How Does GamStop Work?

How Does GamStop Work

GamStop is a free self-exclusion tool that can help UK punters work on breaking out of their wagering habit. By registering to the GamStop UK self-exclusion scheme, players will be blocked out of all online casinos in the UK for a period of time.

Note that this service is only available for online casinos that are registered under UK laws. This means that non-UK casino operators can still accept players from Britain even if they’re registered with GamStop. So what is the point of GamStop? Stick with us to see how this tool works.

How Does GamStop Work For UK Gamblers?

GamStop is the push many gaming addicts need in order to break the cycle. With the help of this tool, all UKGC licensed online casinos will impede your way into them, which will, in turn, contribute to the recovery process. Here are a few factors that would give you a clearer picture of how this blocker operates:

Registration at Website

Signing up for this service is very easy. Once you get to the GamStop website, you enter your personal information such as current address and postcode, date of birth, email address, and mobile number. After that, you choose the period of exclusion which can go from 6 months to 5 years. When you activate it, remember that you can’t cancel it until the time frame ends.

Restricted Access To All UK Casinos

After you register to the site, access to all online casinos in the UK will be blocked for you. When you try to enter a site, GamStop will search its database and if your information is still active, it will prevent you from entering the page. Regardless of whether you’ve already signed up on the site or not, you won’t be able to reach the page.

No Promotions From Casino Operators

With GamStop, UK players don’t just get restricted from playing at online casinos registered in Britain. This tool blocks all promotional offers that the gaming site could be sending to you. It practically bans all services that a wagering site has. In other words, GamStop provides a comprehensive clearing of all features that can pull you back into online gaming.

The GamStop Workflow For UK Casino Operators

The moment a punter registers on GamStop, all British casinos are closed to them. This tool makes sure that you go through your preset period without any ads or promos that can distract you from your healing process. Here is what GamStop does:

Collection of The Gambler’s Data

When registering, all players have to leave the personal information that GamStop collects in its database. By cooperating with TransUnion, they can verify your identity and activate the ban. This way, even if you try to access an online gaming site with your family or friends’ personal information, you will still be banned.

Block Access For GamStop Registered Customer

All customers that are registered to this self-exclusion tool will immediately be blocked from all online casinos that are registered in Great Britain. It won’t matter if you have previously signed up to an Internet casino or not – GamStop will prevent you from accessing it. As long as the limit you’ve set is active, you can’t enter any UK-based online wagering page.

Remove GamStop Users From Marketing Lists

Once a player signs up to an online casino, they are instantly put on the marketing list of GamStop. Then, GamStop uses its database to alert a wagering site that a punter has activated a self-exclusion period, thus making the operator remove the player from their marketing lists. This is how GamStop keeps Internet casinos in the loop.

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GamStop Workflow FAQ

Is it possible to gamble while on GamStop?

No, you can’t wager while on GamStop. Once you register to this blocker, you can’t enter any online casino site that is based in the UK. But, there are several ways to get around GamStop self-exclusion like misspelling your name when signing up, using a different address, etc.

💡 Does GamStop cover offline gambling?

No, GamStop doesn’t cover offline gambling. This self-exclusion scheme is only for online wagering. However, if you are looking to limit your time in brick-and-mortar casinos then you can register with SENSE – a self-exclusion platform for offline wagering.

💡 Does GamStop block casino operators outside the United Kingdom?

No, this blocking tool can’t prevent players from entering other casino sites not on GamStop or sports betting not on Gamstop, because players can easily register at offshore gaming sites. If you want to completely clean yourself from all wagering addiction, you can use other worldwide self-exclusion alternatives.

🆓 Is the GamStop scheme free?

GamStop is a self-exclusion tool that’s entirely free of charge. This considerable benefit makes it a common choice for many players who wish to exclude themselves from all gambling platforms that are part of GamStop’s list.

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