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How to Block Gambling Sites on Android

How to Block Gambling Sites on Android

The best strategy to overcome gambling addiction is to restrict access to online casinos and sportsbooks on your mobile device. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to block gambling sites on Android, as most of the available methods are user-friendly yet highly effective.

Most players choose to gamble on the go on Android-powered smartphones and tablets, and our guide illustrates the best options to block Android gambling sites. Examine the recommended options, such as dedicated apps, mobile browser features, or bans on financial transactions, to find the best solution to control your gambling temptation.

Steps to Block Gambling Sites on Android Devices

The best way to place a gambling site out of reach is to equip your mobile devices with a dedicated block site app. Several applications are focused exclusively on blocking websites related to gambling. You’ll find that some are free, while others come with a price tag. Here are a few tips on how to get started:

Choose a Good Gambling Blocker

Select a gambling blocker that fits your budget and offers a high level of protection. Search for app frequency updated with the new online casino’s URL, as well as its performance and features, before picking the best option for your circumstances. A few notable brand names include Gamban, GamBlock, Betblocker, and Net Nanny.

Install the App on Your Phone

The blocking app can be downloaded for free or purchased via the Google Play Store or its official website. The process of acquiring a reliable app to block gambling sites on mobile devices is straightforward. As soon as you click the install button, the automated process kicks in, and the app will be ready to use in a couple of minutes.

Open The App and Follow the On-Screen Prompts

The app icon will be available on your device’s home screen. Tap the app’s icon with your finger, follow the instructions to open an account, and set up your preferences. Once you activate the app, it will stop any attempt to load a gambling site or app on your Android smartphone.

What Types of UK Gambling Sites Can I Ban on Android?

There’s no limit to what types of gambling sites you can block on your Android devices. Every platform offering betting opportunities, and it makes no difference if it’s casino games, sports wagering, or lotteries, can be subjected to a ban. Below is a list of types of gambling sites you can block:

Other Effective Ways to Block Gambling Platforms on Android

Professionally built blocking apps aren’t the only option to control your gambling impulses. You can harness the potential of other methods, providing similar or maybe even better results. Most of these options are already part of the settings on your device. You only need to activate them. Let’s explore alternative blocking methods for gambling sites.

Try Built-in Parental Control

The Android operating system comes with an in-built feature that enables users to block access to specific websites and content. Although primarily aimed towards children, this parental control option can be repurposed for gambling sites. Access the settings section and enter the “User controls” section to set up restrictions on apps and content.

Block Gambling Transactions via the Banking App

Frequently overlooked, but the most effective way to stop gambling activities is to cut off the sources of funding. This is done by instructing your payment provider to ban gambling transactions via your banking app feature or contacting customer support. Most UK banks have self-exclusion programs that prevent cash transfers relating to gambling.

Try BlockSite App

The BlockSite app is a good solution, offering a high success rate. Used by millions of people, it’s a reliable product and easy to use. However, this app works more generally, restricting various kinds of websites, and some betting sites can slip through. Yet, it’s still a useful tool able to hide online casinos.

Blocking Gambling Websites on Android: FAQ

✔️ How to block gambling sites on Android?

Your options aren’t limited. You can block Android gambling sites through several tools. The preferred method is to use a dedicated app for blocking gambling sites. Multiple apps are available in the Google Play Store, or you can also block gambling sites via Chrome by using a Chrome extension.

✔️ How to block gambling apps on Android for free?

There are free gambling blockers available online. They work similarly to subscription-based apps but might not offer fancy designs and extra features. You can also ban financial transactions for gambling through your bank. Most UK banks provide this option as a temporary self-exclusion.

✔️ What is the most effective way to block gambling sites on Android?

Gambling blockers are an effective shield, and most of the apps get updated regularly, distancing you from gambling sites. Banning gambling transactions is also highly effective, but this option usually works for a period of 24 hours up to 72 hours.

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