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How to Block Gambling Sites On Chrome

How to Block Gambling Sites On Chrome

Over 3.22 billion internet users use Chrome for browsing. It ranks as one of the top web directories with a large amount of content available. Hence, it becomes common for users to discern between useful and harmful content including gambling. A common concern is how to block gambling sites on Google Chrome for users. Let’s take a deep dive into preventing these gambling sites on your browser.

Chrome users often complain about receiving explicit and fraudulent content without their consent. Moreover, a lot of malware can infect one’s system. It becomes a prerequisite for a Chrome user to take control of their internet usage and prevent these pop-up web pages. Pop-up gambling sites are a nuisance to your general internet usage. These gambling sites contain explicit and harmful content that might contain malware to harm your system. Learn different techniques to block gambling sites on Google Chrome and prevent viewing explicit and harmful gambling content. Here are the basic techniques to block these gambling sites on Google Chrome.

Block Gambling Sites on Chrome: Use Chrome Extension

The most recommended way to block gambling sites on Chrome is by installing an extension like Blocksite. Users can use the Blocksite extension to block access to specific gambling sites on their internet browser. The program adds the gambling site’s domain address to the block list. Therefore, users can benefit from limited access to gambling content while reducing distractions.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on using Blocksite on Chrome:

  1. Visit the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Enter “BlockSite” in the search bar.
  3. Click “Add to Chrome.”
  4. Go to BlockSite Dashboard & Click “Options.”
  5. Block Sites by Entering their URLs in the Field.

Other Effective Ways to Block Gambling Sites on Google Chrome

Apart from the Blocksite extension, users can adopt other alternative ways to block gambling sites on Google Chrome. These methods prevent these gambling sites from tracking your online activities or collecting personal information.

Blocking these sites with blockers or WiFi ensures your privacy and security. So, they are effective ways to safeguard your privacy and avoid viewing and interrupting gambling content.

Block Access to Gambling Using Blockers

Blockers are computer apps or programs that stop users from specific sites from appearing on your browser. These gambling blockers will block any sites you want to set and access permissions. Users can easily select specific sites to block their access.

Block Access to Gambling via WiFi

Another alternative way is to block gambling sites via WiFi through your router settings. Access your router’s web interface by typing the gambling site’s IP address into your browser. Search for the ‘URL Filtering’ or ‘Access Control’ to block the gambling site by adding gambling-related keywords.

What Types of Gambling Sites Can You Block Using These Methods?

The online gambling scene is bubbling, with new gambling sites popping up. Hence, advertisers and marketers devise ingenious ways to promote gambling sites to potential customers. Unfortunately, these marketing tactics end up becoming a nuisance for Chrome users. Therefore, there are different types of gambling sites you can block using the methods mentioned above.

Here’s a breakdown of common gambling sites to block using these alternative methods:

How to Block Gambling Sites on Various Devices

The best part about using blockers for gambling sites is that they work on various devices, from computers to phones to iPads and iPhones. Android users with various devices such as Samsung, Google Pixel, Huawei, and Nokia phones. Also, iPhone users are not left out and can easily install these blocker apps to prevent gambling sites from popping up.

How to Block Gambling Sites on Chrome: FAQ

▶️ How do you block gambling sites on Google Chrome?

There are multiple ways to block gambling sites on Google Chrome. The first is using an extension like Blocksite. It blocks access to specific gambling sites on your browser. Moreover, you can use blocker apps to prevent access to gambling sites or block access via WiFi on your router.

▶️ What is the best way to block gambling sites on Chrome?

The best way to block gambling sites on Chrome is through BlockSite and gambling blockers. BlockSite allows users to add a website URL to their block list by accessing the main dashboard. Also, it offers users unlimited blocks while accessing advanced features such as password protection.

▶️ Can I block iGaming sites for free?

Yes. Users can easily block iGaming sites for free. Install Chrome extensions such as BlockSite to block specific iGaming sites. Also, you can access your router settings and utilize built-in parental control or website-blocking features. This is an effective way of blocking sites across all devices connected to the WiFi network.

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