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How to Block Gambling Sites on Mac?

How to Block Gambling Sites on Mac?

As the internet connects every individual through personal and professional mediums, online gambling is yet another mode of entertainment. New varieties pop up left and right, promising fun, the thrill of real money wins and losing money if you fail to score. In this short article, we reveal the secret skills on how to naturally block gambling sites on Mac and do away with unworthy gambling sites, cookies, and notifications from your Mac. So, let’s visit the tech-savvy world of site blocking!

How to Restrict Access to Gambling Sites on Mac?

If you are a Mac user, then the best software to block gambling sites for you can be Cisdem AppCrypt- an app locker and website blocker. With this software, you can block all popular gambling sites with a simple click. You set a password that has to be used to unblock a website. To block gambling websites using Cisdem AppCrypt, you will have to follow some easy steps. Let’s take a look at them.

Download Cisdem AppCrypt Software

Download and install Cisdem AppCrypt on your Mac desktop or laptop. Take care to check the right version and a malware-free source of package that has good reviews and high downloads.

Set a Password

As you open it for the first time, set a password. It is always better if you select the ‘Launch at System Startup’ at the checkbox. If you downloaded from an official source, follow the screenshots as a guide.

Click the Lock Icon & Choose Open Main Window

On your Mac, click on the lock icon given in the menu bar to select ‘Open Main Window’. There are other ways to search an app and launch it as well, so use your preference.

In the “Web Block” tab, Select “Exceptions”

Enter the password you have set to get access to the main window. Under the Web Block tab, you will find the option ‘Exceptions’, given at the bottom-right corner, click on it. You might want to wait a second to let it clear the cache and load up the tab.

Go to the “Always Block”

In the Exceptions window, which appears, go over to the ‘Always Block’ tab. It is easily noticeable in bold fonts. The tab highlights when active, while others are greyed out.

Input the Gambling Sites Domains

Now, in the URL section, insert the domain name of the gambling site you would like to block. When you are done, click on ‘Add’. The next step allows one to block single or multiple sites. For a quick fix, you can use the ‘Import’ option and select the ‘Gambling Sites’ category to mass-block all sites.

Feel Free from Gambling!

Finally, if you’re feeling particularly systematic, use some keywords like ‘slots’ and ‘casino’. Any URL daring to contain these words will find itself blocked from your browser and will not connect.

Other Effective Methods to Block Gambling Sites on Mac

Besides the mighty Cisdem AppCrypt, the ultimate guardian against Mac’s gambling sites, there are other nifty tricks up our sleeve. Let’s learn some more about these methods.

Ban Gambling Transactions via Your Bank

Why not chat with your bank and kindly request them to block all those gambling transactions? Most banks will happily accept your request, and block all gambling transactions to gambling platforms, and they’ll also put a stop to any withdrawals. But, keep in mind, this isn’t some magical internet filter – it only cuts down your cash flow, not your access to the thousands of gambling sites.

Blocking Access to Websites on Wi-Fi Routers

You can also try to block gambling sites via Wifi, this method is a one-size-fits-all solution for every version of MacBook, Mac, or iMac mini out there. Just make sure your device is forever tethered to your router because apparently, it is a local block based on a Wi-Fi network. However, the steps to block websites through your router change from brand to brand, so it is a tedious process if you change brands.

Use Gambling Blockers

With the gambling blockers, say goodbye to those pesky gambling sites and their relentless ads on your Mac. These tools are easy to install and customise, whether you want to shut out the whole gambling world or just a handful of sites. They put blocks on all gambling sites, filter their ads, and make sure online casinos are the least accessible. BetBlocker, Gamban, and NetNanny – are the most popular blockers in the UK.

Types of Gambling Sites You Can Block Using These Tips

With the tips we have given above, you can easily access all types of gambling sites appearing on your Mac. It makes the internet a safer place, particularly for children. Here are the sites you can block using these tips:


✔️ How to block gambling websites on Mac?

There are various ways to block gambling sites on Mac but one of the most effective methods is to use Cisdem AppCrypt Software. But you can also use site blockers, such as GamBan or BetBlocker. Screen Time, an in-built feature in Mac can be used to restrict gambling sites, too.

✔️ What’s the most effective way to prevent access to gambling sites on Mac?

You can always go for gambling blocker software. The company reigning supreme in the market is the Cisdem AppCrypt Software. There are also a bunch of other gambling blockers from free to paid, claiming varieties of features and wonderful tricks.

✔️ Can I limit access to specific gambling content, like sports betting or online casinos?

With a gambling blocker, you have the power to put control over riveting gambling content, online casinos or sports betting sites. These blockers generously decide to play the role of your virtual police, limiting your grand entrance to all the gambling sites on your Mac and any other gadget where they decide to set up camp. If you try to log in or browse the URL, the browser will not connect and timeout.

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