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How To Block Gambling Transactions Via Bank?

How To Block Gambling Transactions Via Bank?

What is the best way to stop harmful gambling? While for most, gambling can be an enjoyable hobby, others find that their behaviour is detrimental. In these cases, it’s best to stop visiting gambling sites. And one of the possible ways to block gambling sites is by doing it with your bank.

In this article, we will look at some of the reasons why you’d want to block gambling payments with your bank, as well as the step you have to take. We will consider what the most popular banks offer and finally answer some common questions you may have. Keep reading to find out more.

Steps to Block Gambling Payments

Banks have made it relatively easy to block gambling payments from your account. By reducing the friction as much as possible, players who need to take these measures are not discouraged from doing so. Even though the specific steps will depend on your bank, in general, this is how you can block gambling transactions:

  1. Sign In to Your Online Banking
  2. Visit the “Transaction Controls” Tab
  3. Turn On the Block of Gambling Payments

The Reasons To Block Gambling Payments Through Bank

There are many reasons why someone would have their bank block gambling transactions. Usually, this is because players want to manage their financial situations more efficiently, stop impulse spending, or take a break from gambling. In any case, most banks should help you achieve these goals:

Compulsive Gambling Spendings

The most common reason why one might want to block gambling transactions is if they compulsively spend money at the casino. That was one of the reasons why the credit card gambling block was issued by the UK Gambling Commission. Having the bank block transactions at gaming sites prevents you from wasting money you cannot afford to lose. This is especially useful at Internet casinos since you cannot use cash to pay.

Control Your Finance

If you have allocated a weekly or monthly allowance for gambling, the bank can help you stick to that plan. You can enjoy gambling responsibly by setting a limit on how much you can spend at a casino. Thus, you won’t use up the fund you need for rent, groceries, and other everyday essentials.

Quit Gambling At All

You could stop any gambling payments to quit your wagering habits as a last resort. This measure is usually taken when you’ve tried everything else and it hasn’t worked. You could stop temporary to have a cool-off period. Alternatively, if you find your gambling behaviour severely detrimental, you can stop gaming altogether.

What Banks Support Gambling Transaction Block?

Different banks offer different ways to track, limit or completely block your gambling spending. However, they all help you achieve the same fundamental goal: greater financial responsibility when wagering online. Now let’s look at what features each bank offers to its customers.


With HSBC, you can set a daily limit on ATM withdrawals, as well as restrict gambling payments. HSBS block on gambling transactions also applies to the Pay by Bank app. Additionally, it bans you from using your credit cards for any gambling translation.

Lloyds Bank

When you open the banking app of Lloyds Bank, you can toggle on or off different types of transactions. That way, you can freeze gambling spending at Lloyd Bank, but you must wait 2-3 days to remove the restriction.

Bank of Scotland

The Mobile Banking app of the Bank of Scotland allows users to freeze and unfreeze their credit/debit cards quickly. Aside from freezing gambling, this also limits other types of transactions, like withdrawals, payments abroad, etc.


Halifax gambling block allow players to block all gambling spendings. Moreover, Halifax offers users different tools, aside from freezing and unfreezing transactions. Users get access to GamBan, a comprehensive blocking software, as well as additional support and guidance resources.


Using the Barclays Bank gambling block, users can block debit card payments for iGaming paymnets. This obviously includes gambling facilities but also pubs, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, and others.

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

After opening the RBS app, select “Manage my card”, and then “Card payment controls”. Here you can enable or disable gambling transactions on your cards.


Users can block gambling payments at Natwest by utilizing the bank’s card controls feature. However, you won’t be able to undo this for 48 hours. You are also notified when this toggle is turned on or off.


MBNA offers the ability to freeze and unfreeze gaming payments on your account. Additionally, you can use the Online Card Services to keep track of your bills and spending.


With Santander’s banking App, you can manage your Mastercard cards. You can freeze all transactions using Santander app, or block specific types of transactions, like gambling, international, and others.


Monzo allows users to block gambling transactions using the app. However, unlike other banks, to unblock your account, you need to speak to the support team. They will use the conversation to evaluate if your situation has changed.


The gambling block feature in Starling’s banking app lets you control your card, as the name suggests. As part of this, you can block any card transactions to gaming vendors.

Other Ways to Block Gambling Sites

If blocking gambling transactions is not a suitable method for preventing access to iGaming sites, we recommend exploring alternative approaches.Find a way that works for you to control your use of gaming sites effectively.

Banks and Gambling Payments Block FAQ

📝 Is it possible to deny all gambling spending through my bank account?

Yes, some banks can completely block gambling transactions. However, not all banks have a block system that is robust and thorough. So make sure to check with your specific bank on how their gambling spending block works and what transactions it prevents.

📝 How to block gambling transactions in my bank?

The specific process will differ by the bank, but they follow the same general approach. First, you will have to log into your account and head over to the “Transaction Control” section. There, you should be able to find a “Block of Gambling Payments”, which you have to turn on.

📝 Will I be able to gamble after the gambling payments block?

Having your bank block gambling transactions doesn’t prevent you from visiting gambling websites altogether. That’s why a block from the bank works best when combined with other gambling reduction tools. You can still gamble online or in person if you use a different payment method not linked to your bank.

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