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How to Stop Casino Texts

How to Stop Casino Texts

Receiving unsolicited casino texts is annoying, especially when you didn’t sign up for them. Besides interrupting your daily routine, these spam casino texts fill your inbox with unwanted messages. Furthermore, it shows a breach of privacy.

It is a tactic used by casino operators to keep players engaged. Most of these casinos work with third parties to obtain customer details for sending these automated texts. It warrants the question, how do you stop casino texts from casinos? We embark on this journey on ways to avoid these texts.

How Can I Stop Getting Gambling Marketing Texts And Emails?

The Data Protection Act stipulates confidentiality when processing personal data, which includes protection against unauthorized or unlawful access to or use of personal information without consent. Also, it stipulates providing a simple ‘opt-out’ option for the user. Therefore, gambling operators can send you marketing SMS or emails after receiving your consent while providing an ‘opt-out’ option to stop receiving these texts.

How to Stop Gambling Texts

To stop a number from sending texts in the United Kingdom (UK), you can follow these essential steps:

  • Access Phone Settings
  • Choose “Messages” or “Text Messages”
  • Click on the Block Contacts/Numbers Button
  • Enter the Number you Want to Blacklist

Alternatively, find a message from the desired number in the messaging app. Press and hold the message, and select “Block contact” or “Block number” from the menu. Confirm blocking.

How to Stop Gambling Emails

Another annoying part of the marketing campaign from gambling operators is unsolicited emails to customers. To stop these gambling emails, start by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ option in the mail. This will force the business to cease sending marketing emails onwards. Also, you can directly contact the gambling business to request a cessation of these marketing email communications.

Why Do I Receive Gambling Messages?

Receiving unsolicited gambling messages means a breach of the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR). PECR clearly sets the rules for electronic communications, including marketing messages. The rules require businesses to obtain consent before sending these marketing messages. Moreover, it ensures businesses consent to these rules while sending them to customers with an opt-out option.

Generally, users grant such permissions during the signing-up process while unknowingly agreeing to receive such unsolicited communications from gambling operators. However, PECR provides a straightforward solution where recipients can easily opt out of these messages through the provided opt-out mechanisms. Following these rules means customers can regain control and limit access to these unsolicited gambling-related communications.

More Ways to Stop Casino Texts

There are alternative ways of stopping casino texts. These methods involve taking an extra step to contact customer support or manually blocking these messages from the sender’s number. Alternatively, you can install third-party apps or flag messages as spam. Here is a breakdown of steps to follow to prevent receiving these texts:

Contact Casino’s Customer Support

The most direct approach to stop receiving these spam texts is contacting the casino’s customer support. Most online casinos have multiple customer support options, from live chat to phone and email. Share your preference with customer support to stop receiving these casino texts. They can guide you on opting out of these automated marketing communications.

Block Messages From The Sender’s Number

If the customer support route fails, it is time to block messages from the sender’s number. This option is available on most smartphones, where one can block specific numbers from sending messages. Finding the messaging app and locating specific messages from the sender’s number. Press the message and click the ‘Block’ or ‘Add Spam’ option to restrict receiving messages.

Use Third-Party Apps

Some third-party apps filter and block unwanted messages from hitting your inbox. These third-party apps contain robust features such as customized filters and block lists. Hence, users can automatically screen out any potential marketing communication from gambling operators. Furthermore, you can select how long you want to be blocked.

Flag the Message as a Spam

The last option is sending the message to spam. Click on the checkbox next to the message to make a report. Above the options available will be a spam button. Click this option, and each message from the sender will appear in the spam folder. Hence, it won’t fill your inbox with unwanted marketing communications.

Third-Party Apps to Block Gambling Texts

The market for third-party apps that block gambling texts is growing rapidly. Moreover, these apps contain numerous features, such as customized filtering and block lists, to prevent users from receiving unwanted messages. Here is a look at some popular options available in the market:


SpamHound is essential anti-spam tool that blocks any unwanted phone numbers or content on your phone. It is a free app that blocks text messages and annoying marketing mailings, advertisements, and spam. Configure filters and manage blacklists and whitelists manually block SMS.


This application blocks 95% of spam text messages through its AI-powered smart blocking technology. It features filtering systems with machine learning to detect and filter any unwanted spam text messages. Furthermore, it has an automatic protection that prevents any complicated setup or configuration.

SMS Spam Stopper

This text block extension automatically blocks spam messages through its heuristic detection and AI, which detects unknown spam messages. Furthermore, it has a rich database of around 5,000 spam messages to identify any spam SMS, with high detection rates.


Hiya is a call blocker that shields you from spam messages or calls. It features voicemail protection that stops scammers from clogging your voicemail inbox. Other interesting features include spoofed call protection that stops receiving any deceiving scam calls from numbers that are similar to yours.

How to Ban Casino Texts: FAQ

▶️ What steps can I take to block casino texts?

You can start by contacting customer support to look for alternatives to stop receiving these spam messages. Alternatively, you can manually block the sender’s contact from your messaging app. Moreover, you can install third-party apps to prevent receiving these messages.

▶️ Why do I continue to receive casino messages during GamStop self-exclusion?

It is important to note that GamStop does not block any gambling ads. Therefore, you can still receive these promotional messages or spam texts from casinos not blocked by GamStop without your consent. It is your responsibility to stop receiving these texts.

▶️ If I’m still getting messages after opting out, what should I do?

If the opt-out option doesn’t work, we recommend reporting to the carrier and regulatory authorities like the ICO for further assistance. If the online casino persists with sending these casino texts, the options are limited to blocking or using third-party apps.

▶️ Do these tips work with non-UKGC casinos?

Yes. The alternative methods like blocking the sender’s number or installing third-party apps work with casinos licensed outside the UK for further protection. Therefore, you get the same protection from unwanted marketing messages filling your inbox.

▶️ What is similar between Gamban and GamStop?

One similarity between Gamban and GamStop is their commitment to addressing the rising concern of problem gambling. Moreover, both tools seek to promote a culture of responsible gambling. Also, both tools have a commitment, once activated, that prevents users from revoking their access to gambling sites.

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