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How To Stop Gambling Online

How To Stop Gambling Online

With the rise in popularity of online gambling over the past few years, more and more people are interested in this source of entertainment. However, we cannot overlook the part that online wagering can have a negative impact. Thus, people are looking into ways to quit gambling altogether in order to prevent any further damage.

There isn’t any one solution that would fit everybody. Some approaches block your transactions, while others block your access to online gaming websites. On the other hand, others provide counselling to address problem gambling directly. Here we would like to introduce some of these options. Here are some specific steps to stop gambling behaviour:

1. Register at GamStop

One of the most convenient options for British players wishing to curb their gambling habits is GamStop. GamStop is widely popular in the UK since all online casinos registered in the UK must comply with GamStop’s regulations.

This software restricts the user from accessing online sites which provide betting games and casino services. Concerned players can go to the website – – and set a self-exclusion period ranging anywhere from 6 months up to 5 years.

2. Use Gambling Blockers

On a broader note, GamStop is not the only software of its kind available to Brits. There are many other gambling blocking software options, both free and paid. Some notable examples are Betfilter, GamBan, BetBlocker, NetNanny, Gamblock, and many more.

While these types of services provide different unique features, they essentially have the same goal. This is to prevent users from accessing websites that host betting activities and general gambling information.

3. Block Gambling Transaction Through Banks

A majority of banks offer a completely different approach to stopping problem gambling. Users can request banks to block gambling transactions through their accounts, but the specifics depend on the bank. That way, the problem is dealt with in a more general way.

The major benefit of this approach is that it doesn’t depend on whether a specific online casino is registered with blocking software. Thus, you can ensure you are restricted from spending money you cannot afford to lose.

4. Use Counselling Services

Some people want to address their gambling problems on a more fundamental level. In that case, using any of the available counselling services is a good option. These are usually free to access and are widely available to the public.

There are many different support services that gamblers can access. Some of these include therapy, information centres, addiction counselling, etc. You should contact your GP, who can usually direct you to specific resources you can use.

Strategy To Stop Gambling FAQ

🚫 Is it possible to quit gambling?

Yes, anyone who has a gambling problem can stop playing. However, to succeed in quitting gaming, you must have the appropriate resources, support networks and assistance. With these, any player could get control over their finances and gambling habits to lead a better life.

🤔 Do I need to use all the steps provided?

No, you don’t have to take all the steps mentioned above to quit gambling successfully. However, it’s best to use all the steps simultaneously for the best results. These steps address different issues and together give you the best chance at succeeding. On the other hand, using the steps separately will not be as effective.

💸 How much do these services cost?

All of the steps and resources are free to use for anyone who needs them. The only exception is some gambling blockers that may charge users for their services. But even in these cases, you could find various promo codes on the Internet and use them to activate the bans without paying.

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