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Is Betfair on GamStop?

Author: Jack Reeve

Is Betfair on GamStop?

Since Betfair is one of – if not the biggest – betting exchange, online casino, bingo, and poker website in the UK, it has to abide by UKGC laws. As such, Betfair is on GamStop, meaning that certain regulations are imposed on UK casino players opting for it. There may, however, be a way for you to get around that.

You needn’t be afraid of risking your online safety by opting for non-UKGC certified online casinos or bookies. There is a variety of betting sites with non-UK licenses where you’ll be able to play your favourite games without limitations and risks to your personal data’s safety. We’re here to cover them for you.

Non GamStop Betfair Alternatives

If you’re in the UK and looking for off-shore online casino sites where you’ll be able to enjoy poker, sports betting, or spinning, there are many that you can look towards. We’re now going to list some of the most famous, well-developed sites with no gambling restrictions. These are the best Betfair alternatives with no GamStop:

  1. MyStake
  2. Scarab Wins
  3. Rolletto
  4. Slots Shine
  5. BetNow

Affiliated Questions for Betfair GamStop Users

If you’re a regular British Betfair player, by now you must already be well acquainted with the intricacies of GamStop. However, many still have a lot of queries regarding particular restrictions, or ways to circumvent the GamStop self-exclusion rules. Here you may find some questions that people also ask while searching for Betfair GamStop self-exclusion:

Betfair and GamStop FAQ

❓ Is Betfair Connected With GamStop?

Yes, Betfair is on GamStop. Due to the UK-mandated laws and regulations, Betfair has to abide by the restrictions imposed by GamStop. As such, they are necessarily connected, so the self-exclusion regulations generated by one of the parties are immediately enforced by the other.

❓ Can GamStop Users Gamble at Betfair?

No, GamStop users aren’t allowed to gamble at Betfair, which is why we’ve provided a list of independent online sportsbooks alternatives. This is where avid British bettors and gamblers can indulge their desire to have fun with online gambling. There are many ways to get around the severe limitations asserted by the UKGC and GamStop.

❓ What Are the Best Options to Betfair?

There are many alternative websites to Betfair that are completely trustworthy, safe, and offer a fun, engaging user experience. If we’d have to recommend some particular ones, we can point out Rolletto and MyStake as the safest choices, but all the other ones are just as well-developed, and just as secure as these two.

❓ Is It Possible to Gamble at Betfair if I Am Self-Excluded?

No, you cannot gamble at Betfair if you have engaged in a self-exclusion procedure. The only way to do so is to actually wait for the self-exclusion period to end before you can start playing again. Alternatively, you can just look up off-shore bookies that aren’t part of GamStop. You’ll be able to find many on our list.

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