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Is Gamstop Free?

Is GamStop Free

Without a doubt, the question ‘Is GamStop self-exclusion free?’ is a common concern for many gamblers. We’re quick to assure you that this service is entirely free of charge, and it’s available for all players. In the following lines of our article, we’ll also introduce a few more tools that cost absolutely nothing.

GamStop: Other Free Self-Exclusion Tools

Apart from GamStop, players who wish to self-exclude themselves from gambling can examine a few alternative options. After thorough research, we’ve discovered three other tools that are cost-free. All of them are highly effective, as they block your access to a myriad of gambling platforms. Check out the next list to learn more about each free alternative to GamStop:


BlockSite is a completely free self-exclusion service, which allows you to block your access to numerous online gambling platforms in an instant. While using the tool, you won’t receive any promotional offers or see distracting casino ads.


You can install this cost-free self-exclusion tool in less than two minutes. This will result in your exclusion from over 77,200 gambling websites. Moreover, you can use the BetBlocker anonymously.

Gamban (Freemium)

GamBan is a popular self-exclusion service, which has a free trial period. The app is accessible on all devices, including iOS and Android, and gives you the opportunity to ban your access to a myriad of gambling platforms.

Does GamStop Cost Anything? Answers to Popular Questions

🆓 Is the GamStop scheme free?

GamStop is a self-exclusion tool that’s entirely free of charge. This considerable benefit makes it a common choice for many players who wish to exclude themselves from all gambling platforms that are part of GamStop’s list.

🆓 Are all gambling blockers free?

While there are several tools that are cost-free, others require users to pay a subscription fee. Some of these include GamBan, NetNanny, and BetFilter. Although these are highly effective, the pricing appears to be a problem for gamblers.

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