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Nationwide Gambling Block

Nationwide gambling block

Players who want to control their gambling activity often choose to use the Nationwide gambling block tool. The latter blocks all transactions identified as gambling, which prevents users from topping up their online casino accounts. Based on our findings, this is one of the most effective tools when it comes to responsible gambling.

In the upcoming sections, you’ll learn how to block gambling with Nationwide if that’s something that interests you. Also, to make this blog post even more informative, we’ll provide answers to several common queries regarding the topic.

Nationwide Gambling Block: How it works?

In the simplest terms, Nationwide users have the option to limit their gambling activity by blocking all of their debit card gambling transactions. This tool can be quite beneficial, as you won’t have the option to add money to your account and test your luck with any of the available games. The Nationwide gambling block prevents online transactions to gambling companies from going through.

Moreover, if you decide you no longer need this restriction, you can turn it off, but this will take three business days. According to our findings, the block will remain active during this period, even if you try to contact the support team via phone.

How to Block Gambling Transactions with Nationwide

Nationwide has made it very simple for users to block their transactions with gambling companies. The idea is for everyone to be able to make use of the tool effortlessly. For your convenience, we’ve listed the five steps you need to follow if you wish to take a break from gambling at online casinos by using the Nationwide responsible gambling tool.

  1. Install Nationwide’s Banking App
  2. Setting Up Your Account
  3. Choose “Manage Cards”
  4. Choose “Gambling”
  5. Turn the Gambling Block On

Block Gambling via Nationwide: FAQ

➡️ Does Nationwide provide a gambling-blocking feature?

Nationwide allows all registered British users to take advantage of a special feature which blocks all gambling transactions from clients’ debit cards. Put differently, if you activate the Nationwide gambling block, you won’t be able to top up your casino accounts.

➡️ Can Nationwide block non-UK gambling sites?

Yes, the Nationwide block can block transactions to non UK casinos, as well, since these are also transactions that have gambling Merchant Category Codes. The block uses these codes to classify the type of the respective transaction. In other words, gamblers who use the tool won’t be able to make deposits to any casinos with Gambling MCC.

➡️ How to block my card from gambling sites via Nationwide?

You can block your card from gambling sites with Nationwide in a few simple steps. First, install the company’s banking app and set up your account. Then, select the option that says Manage Cards, choose Gambling and activate the gambling block.

➡️ Is Nationwide helpful for GamStop customers?

Nationwide can be of great help to all GamStop users. The reason is that it blocks access even to gambling sites not on GamStop, which makes it easier for players to control their activity. The only companies that aren’t affected by the Nationwide gambling block are those that use the wrong MCC.

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