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NatWest Gambling Block

Natwest Gambling Block

NatWest’s unique partnership with GamCare has resulted in a fantastic new gambling block feature. The collaboration empowered NatWest to take a proactive step in restricting harmful gambling behaviours. The bank established this type of measure on debit cards to help account holders take control over their spending habits. Furthermore, this new feature allows NatWest to block gambling practices that do not align with responsible financial management and customer well-being.

As long-term experts in the gambling industry, we understand the importance of gambling block features and have conducted a thorough analysis toward enhancing their effectiveness. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the NatWest gambling block feature.

Understanding the Functionality of NatWest’s Gambling Block

NatWest gambling block is a powerful tool that protects clients against irresponsible gambling practices by restricting transactions associated with gambling. It involves blocking both UKGC-licensed and non-UKGC gambling sites, creating a barrier to impulsive gambling.

Once activated, the NatWest gambling block feature will effectively block transactions and payments to all gambling or betting platforms, making it an invaluable tool for those seeking to take charge of their financial well-being. As part of their responsible gambling strategy, NatWest’s specialist support teams provide bespoke training on identifying gambling-related harm. Financial hardship and problem gambling go hand in hand; thus, the ability to block gambling transactions is crucial.

How to Block Access to Gambling at NatWest

Promoting responsible gambling practices is easier than ever with the NatWest gambling block feature. Consumers can regain control over their spending by implementing this powerful tool into their gambling activities and practices. If you want to learn how to activate the NatWest gamble-blocking feature, we recommend that you follow the steps below:

  • lDownload the NatWest App and Log In to Your Account
  • Via NatWest App Select ‘Manage my card.’
  • Select ‘Card payment controls
  • Choose the ‘Gambling’ Option to Block Gambling Transactions

*To undo the block, return to the same page and uncheck ‘Gambling Transactions.’ Remember, the block cannot be lifted for 48 hours once it’s activated.

Popular Questions About NatWest Gambling Block

🔗 Am I able to deactivate the block at my convenience?

Yes, you can deactivate the gambling block feature anytime you want; however, remember there is a 48-hour delay in adding and removing the block. This type of approach adds an extra layer of security and prevents consumers from spending impulsively.

🔗 Does the NatWest gambling block feature aid in quitting gambling?

Yes! The NatWest gambling block feature aids in quitting gambling by creating a barrier to impulsive and unreasonable spending. It promotes responsible financial management practices and reduces the temptation to gamble. Refer to the steps above to activate the gambling block feature.

🔗 Can NatWest tool block casinos licensed outside UK?

Yes, UK players can self-exclude from all non-UKGC online casinos using NatWest gambling block. When activated, the gambling block restricts transactions to all gambling websites, regardless of their licensing jurisdiction.

🔗 How to deactivate the gambling block?

The deactivation of this feature is pretty straightforward. To deactivate the gambling block, return to the same page in your NatWest settings and uncheck “Gambling Transactions”. This simple process allows you to turn the block feature on or off whenever it fits your needs.

🔗 Natwest vs GamStop. What is better?

NatWest is a better choice as it can block both GamStop and non GamStop casino sites, it offers comprehensive control over gambling transactions and prevents users from overspending on gambling platforms. It’s a safety measure against harmful gambling practices.

What Other Banking Apps Provide Gambling Block Feature?

This section will spotlight different banking apps that offer a gambling block option. Numerous players are in search of banking applications that come with built-in gambling blocking features. Here, we’ve compiled a list of trustworthy apps that offer such features, presenting excellent alternatives to NatWest:

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