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Revolut Gambling Block

Revolut Gambling Block

Revolut is a popular online finance app and debit card. You can use it to pay in-person or online, transfer money and gamble online. We’re going to explore a particular Revolut feature: Gambling Block. Whether you’ve spotted it on the app and are curious or are looking for ways to block gambling transactions, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to learn how gambling block works and how you can set it up on your Revolut account. Plus, we look at other apps that have a similar feature, giving you alternative ways to block gambling transactions through your payment methods.

What Is the Revolut Gambling Block?

Gambling Block is a feature offered by Revolut that you can enable through the app. By default, it’s switched off, so you can use Revolut to gamble as normal. However, if you turn the feature on, you block transactions to gambling merchants with your Revolut card.

It functions using a database to recognise gambling merchants. The list includes online casinos and sports betting platforms, as well as betting shops and casinos where you gamble in person. The feature works by ensuring that any card payment to anyone on that list is instantly declined.

How to Block Gambling on Revolut: Steps

While this feature is a handy one, you might not come across it unless you go looking for it. You can access it from the Revolut app on your phone. As the default mode is for it to be switched off, you need to toggle it on to block any gambling transactions. Here’s a list of steps for enabling:

  1. Access Your Revolut Account
  2. Navigate to the Security & Privacy Tab
  3. Toggle the Gambling Block Switch and Confirm your Choice

Alternative Banking Applications Providing Gambling Block Option

Blocking gambling transactions from your payment method is a handy way for you to stay in control of your gambling, especially if you want to take a break. Fortunately, Revolut isn’t the only option for using a feature like this. We’ve listed several other apps with gambling blocks.


🔗 Can you block gambling transactions on Revolut?

Yes, if Revolut is your go-to payment method, but you want to stop using it for gambling, you can block only those transactions. The feature is switched off by default, so you can use your card to gamble, but you can enable it from the app.

🔗 How to block gambling on Revolut?

To block gambling transactions with Revolut, you need to switch on the Gambling Block feature. Head to the app and visit your account. From there, you’ll need to go to the security and privacy tab. Move the toggle for the Gambling Block option to on.

🔗 Can I block gambling transactions at any bank?

No, not every bank has the option to prevent gambling transactions. If you want to block gambling payments via bank, we recommend using Revolut or looking at the list of alternative options above. Banks like TSB and Lloyds have the feature in their apps.

🔗 Is it more helpful than GamStop self-exclusion?

Yes, in some cases, it’s more helpful than GamStop. If you’re using non-GamStop online casino sites and want to stop transactions for a while, blocking the payment is a viable option. It also works for non-GamStop online bookmakers, so it’s a flexible option.

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