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Self-Exclusion from Betting Shops: MOSES

Self-Exclusion from Betting Shops

If you start gambling in a compulsive manner, a self-exclusion program may help to recover. The cooling off period is critical to re-establish control over your life. MOSES has been demonstrated to be one of the most effective self-exclusion tools for Brits.

MOSES is a unique voluntary self-exclusion program for bettors from the United Kingdom that helps players to change their behavioural patterns. The name is an acronym and stands for Multi Operator Self Exclusion Scheme, while the service is very effective and strictly enforced. Once you enter the scheme, you’ll remain blocked from using land-based betting shops for a full year, which is typically enough for them to reassess their priorities and develop alternative lifestyles that are less damaging to their financial and social wellbeing.

Benefits of MOSES Self-Exclusion

Benefits of MOSES

While it’s not the only self-exclusion service available to UK players, MOSES has several unique features that set it apart from any alternatives. Here is a short list of benefits that you can expect once you sign up for the program and start your exclusion period.

Blocks Only Specific Betting Shops

The service is customised for each member, with a specific exclusion zone drafted just for him using a digital mapping tool. All the betting shops found within this area are added to the no-go list, and the player is prevented from placing wagers at any of them until the exclusion period runs out.

Does Not Block Online and Land-Based Casinos

MOSES is focused specifically on sports betting and only covers brick-and-mortar betting shops within a strictly defined geographic area. Casinos, real and virtual, are not a part of the exclusion agreement and remain available to visit. Narrow focus on betting establishments is a unique feature of this scheme.

Fixed 12 Months Exclusion Period

As opposed to other self-exclusion schemes that allow the player to set the duration based on his own preference, with MOSES it’s necessary to abstain from betting for a full 12 months. A program of this length has a stronger impact on the player’s long-term ability to control his gambling activities.

Free of Charge

MOSES offers its core service at a zero cost, which is extremely important since compulsive bettors tend to have financial issues that could prevent them from seeking paid assistance. Constant availability of a free helpline represents a valuable asset for the entire UK sports betting community.

Additional Betting Shops May Be Blocked

It’s very simple to add additional betting shops to the list of prohibited venues where the player’s wagers won’t be accepted. Users can notify the MOSES team about the shops that should be included at any time, and the update will be made quickly.

Ability to Self-Exclude Only via Phone Call

There are minimal barriers to enter the program, and players in need of assistance can contact MOSES via phone to request self-exclusion. A single call is enough for the program to be put into effect and take all betting shops in a defined area off the table for the particular player.

How To Self-Exclude From Betting Shops: Steps

By design, MOSES self-exclusion program is very easy to initiate. UK-based bettors can start the process without delay by completing a few basic actions that allow MOSES to create a custom exclusion plan and set it in motion. Here is what you should do if you are feeling that you are betting too much for your own good.

Visit the MOSES Official Website

Use a web browser to access the official website and learn the basic principles that MOSES operates under. The website is mobile friendly and can be accessed from any device, and key information is quite easy to find.

Contact Them via Phone Number

Dial the free number 0800 294 2060 to request participation in the MOSES self-exclusion program. You will need to specify the geographic area that contains betting venues you are likely to be tempted by so that they can be contacted and included in the personalised list.

Send ID Documents on MOSES` Email

You will have to provide identification details to the MOSES team, enabling them to pass them to the selected betting shops. The documents have to include a recent photo, which will allow the staff to recognise the player and deny him access to the premises.

Enjoy Your Betting-Free Time!

You have 12 months of your life to spend without thinking about gambling. Use this time to pursue other interests, adopt a healthier lifestyle, stabilise your finances, and find joy in things that you neglected for too long. It’s a well-deserved break from your routine, so try to make the most out of it.

Alternative Self-Exclusion Options

MOSES is certainly one of the most widely respected self-exclusion helplines for UK bettors, but it may not be perfectly suited for everyone. There are a few excellent alternatives that can be used instead of or along with MOSES, each of them specialised for a different kind of gambling activities. Two of the proven options are:


Players who primarily gamble online would benefit from GamStop’s services. This self-exclusion program blocks the player from all casino and sports betting websites that he is a member of. The exclusion period can be defined by the player, so Gamstop is suitable for short-term breaks as well as longer pauses from gaming.


SENSE is very similar to MOSES, only it’s focused on the land-based casino establishments rather than betting shops. If your play style gravitates more towards card games and slot machines than betting, this self-exclusion scheme could be very helpful. Of course, it’s possible to enter both MOSES and SENSE at the same time and stay away from all gambling venues for a long while.

Betting Self-Exclusion: FAQ

🚫 How to self-exclude from betting shops?

MOSES gives players a way to stay away from any nearby betting shops for 12 months. Instead of contacting every bookmaker individually, players can simply ask the MOSES team to handle all communications and ensure that access to betting venues in the vicinity of the player’s home or workplace is denied.

🙌🏼 How to self-exclude from online bookmakers?

Unfortunately, MOSES doesn’t cover online betting platforms, but there are other self-exclusion schemes that do. The primary provider of this type of service for UK customers is GamStop, which has an excellent track record of preventing excessive gambling and allows the player to set his own exclusion period.

🆓 Are all these options available for free?

By definition, self-exclusion schemes must allow free access to anyone who has a growing problem to control his gambling activity. For this reason, MOSES and other services of similar kind don’t charge anything for their assistance. All it takes to enter the programme is to contact the company and provide personal details.

🤔 Does self-exclusion guarantee that I won’t be able to place bets again?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to guarantee that a player won’t bypass the exclusion in some manner. Still, this measure tends to strengthen personal resolve and at the very least lead to a dramatic reduction in gambling activities. Limited access to gambling venues isn’t sufficient on its own but combined with good motivation it can cause permanent behavioural change.

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