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SpelPaus Review

Author: Bradley Oliva, Ph.D.

Review of SpelPaus

SpelPaus is the national self-exclusion system of Sweden. It helps one exclude him/herself from gambling companies that are licensed in Sweden. Maintained by the Swedish Gambling Authority SpelPaus is currently helping an approximate number of 58,000 people living in the country. This article covers a brief SpelPaus review, an evaluation which shall come to your help.

SpelPaus is a self-exclusion system that works only for online casinos and companies which are booked under the laws of the Swedish Gambling Authority. It is not at all available for online casinos not with Swedish license. Now, let us take a closer look at it.

Details of SpelPaus Program

Unlike GamStop, SpelPaus is a program that works with casino websites not based in the UK. SpelPaus is the national self-exclusion system of Sweden and has currently stretched out its helping hand to an approximate number of 58,000 Swedish residents. SpelPaus works under the Swedish Gambling Authority and helps spread awareness about gambling addiction and the darker sides revolving around it.

SpelPaus Pros

pros of spelpaus

Cause gambling in Sweden is still very popular, the system is designed to help you avoid risks of getting gambling problems. SpelPaus in many ways promotes the right to treatment for the ones addicted to betting. As per The Board of National Health and Welfare, these are the nominated pros of using SpelPaus:

  1. Different Periods of Shutdown: SpelPaus offers a shutdown for one month, three months, six months, and one until further notice. Those who opt for ‘until further notice’ can only log in after the completion of 12 months.
  2. Free of Charge: SpelPaus is an initiative taken by the Swedish Gambling Authority which helps gratuitously, which is to say free of charge. It is approved by The National Health and Welfare and works along to promote the right to treatment for gambling addicts.
  3. Easy To Use: SpelPaus helps you suspend yourself from using gambling websites that are licensed in Sweden. It is pretty easy to use, just simply register yourself filling the formalities and you are good to go.

SpelPaus Cons

cons of spelpaus

    SpelPaus, which is powered by the SGA, offers charitable help. It has over the course of time received some good responses and acclamations. However, there are certain shortcomings which it is yet to cover. Here are the shortcomings that we must address are as follows:

  1. Block Only Sites with Swedish License: Since SpelPaus is administered by the Swedish Gambling Authority it can only help you abstain from betting rather than gaming companies that have their license in Sweden. Hence, easily foreign casino brands can be accessed while still on SpelPaus.
  2. Slow Customer Support: SpelPaus works gratuitously and under the very eyes of the Swedish Government. Being a system that offers services free of charge it is often accused of responding slowly to its subscribers.

SpelPaus Alternatives

SpelPaus is a scheme that offers free help to Swedish residents. It is specially designed to process suspension from accessing casino brands that are licensed only in Sweden. If you are looking for a self-exclusion program but don’t happen to reside in Sweden, don’t feel upset. Because fortunately, there are alternatives to SpelPaus.

GamStop Self-Exclusion

GamStop is a self-exclusion program that is worth trying out. It is a scheme that operates under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and helps prevent addiction in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. GamStop however can only be used by those residing in the UK. It only works for casino brands, websites, apps run by companies that come under the UKGC. However, casino websites that don’t have a British license are casino websites not blocked by GamStop.


It is an independent charity in the UK that provides free information, counseling advice, and free support for anyone who is willing to curb their gambling activities and fight addiction. It provides help through a 24/7 operating phone line, live chat, group chat, and an online forum. However, this service itself does not operate any specific self-exclusion scheme and cannot work for online casinos not registered with GamCare.


GamBan is a software that offers paid help to ‘block access to online gambling on all of your devices. You can easily download the app from the google play store or the Apple app store and get going. You are advised to check your device compatibility before purchasing GamBan to know more about the GamBan-free casino sites. Before purchasing you can also opt for a seven-day free trial.


Developed by Alternative Dispute Resolution, BetBlocker is a free tool that helps you curb your gambling addiction. You can install BetBlocker on as many devices as you want. It lets you put a halt on an approximate number of 13613 gambling websites altogether. You have to be immensely careful while activating BetBlocker on your devices though.

SpelPaus FAQ

📝 What is SpelPaus?

SpelPaus is the national self-exclusion system of Sweden which helps one exclude him/herself from gambling companies that are licensed in Sweden to avoid addiction. It is maintained by the Swedish Gambling Authority SpelPaus is currently helping an approximate number of 58,000 people living in the country.

📝 How does SpelPaus work?

It is a charitable program operated by the Swedish Gambling Authority. It works under the Swedish government and with the help of The National Health and Welfare it helps you be aware of the darker sides of betting. Just fill in a form and register yourself, and they will make sure you eschew gambling for the chosen period of time.

📝 Can I remove self-exclusion from SpelPaus?

Once opted for self-exclusion you can’t really change or shut down your exclusion until your chosen time period has been finished. To go about SpelPaus self-exclusion you must check in gambling sites that do not hold a license in Sweden and especially casino sites that don’t check ID.

📝 Do I need to pay for using SpelPaus?

No, absolutely not. You don’t need to pay for using SpelPaus. SpelPaus offers services free of charge for anyone residing in Sweden and willing to avoid addiction to gambling.

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