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Gambling addiction is a serious issue and often immensely difficult to deal with. Luckily, problem gamblers now have a wide array of digital tools to help them tackle their addiction. The best digital tools for problematic gamblers are GamCare, GamStop, and GamBan. Individually, each is capable of tackling certain parts of the addiction. Together, they form TalkBanStop, a partnership that aims to curb the self-destructive nature of gambling addiction.

What is TalkBanStop?

Long story short, TalkBanStop is a partnership that ensures responsible gambling for all digital thrill-seekers. More precisely, Talk Ban Stop is a platform that helps gamblers address the issue (TALK), use tools to ban access to online casinos (BAN), and stop gambling for good (STOP).

It comprises three well-known responsible gambling tools – GamCare, GamBan, and GamStop. Together, these tools are everything one might need to start the healing process. Gambling addiction is not a joke and we treat it very seriously inside our professional team. If you find yourself struggling, we recommend you contact GamCare’s trained advisers. They’ll get you up and running in no time!

Overview of Companies that TalkbanStop Partner with

The TalkBanStop initiative is based on three responsible gambling tools most of you must’ve heard about already. As mentioned earlier, it’s GamBan, GamStop, and GamCare. Even though they all share the same main goal – to help those suffering from gambling addiction – each offers a different kind of help. More information on each of these responsible gambling tools can be found right below:


GamBan is an application that prevents your device (or browser) from accessing gambling sites. It is available on multiple devices and offers a simple and convenient way to control your gambling habits. GamBan doesn’t just work with gambling sites, but apps too. If you’re finding it difficult to control the urge to gamble, GamBan ought to be of service.


GamStop is essentially a self-exclusion framework. It allows players to register with GamStop. By doing so, they will be automatically prevented from playing casino games and apps on gambling platforms licensed by the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission). Players are free to choose a period of self-exclusion on their own. The setup can be completed in a matter of minutes.


Finally, GamCare! This platform is in charge of the TALK part of TalkBanStop. GamCare offers help via numerous channels, including free phone lines, live chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, chat rooms, and a large forum too. GamCare’s advisers are trained to help gamblers no matter how difficult of a situation they might be in. If you’re struggling, contacting GamCare is a key step in the right direction.

Talk Ban Stop: FAQ

➡️ What is TalkBanStop?

TalkBanStop is a partnership program comprising GamCare, GamBan, and GamStop. These are the most effective digital tools gamblers can use to tackle their gambling addiction once and for all. Moreover, while GamStop cover only UK casinos, Gamban can block even casinos not licensed in the UK, which makes TalkBanStop more helpful.

➡️ How does TalkBanStop work?

TalkBanStop, just like the name suggests, helps people talk about their issues, ban access to gambling sites, and stop gambling altogether. It uses three excessively famous partnership programs – GamStop, GamBan, and GamStop – to ensure optimal support to those in need.

➡️ Does TalkBanStop help?

Yes, it will help you. This program is efficient because it provides you with important tools and much-needed support. It’s not a magical solution to your gambling issues. But, it’s a great way to start the treatment alongside therapy and mindfulness.

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