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TSB Gambling Block

TSB Gambling Block

There’s great news for us players in the United Kingdom who have the TSB Mobile Banking App on their devices and think they’re at risk of gambling addiction. Here goes: we can now block gambling sites via TSB bank with its app! This digital banking tool prevents us from placing bets using funds from our TSB account. It may not be our cure-all for excessive betting, but the opt-in feature does offer us an extra layer of protection from uncontrolled wagering. We can switch this no-gambling feature on and off anytime, anywhere.

TSB Bank is a well-known financial institution catering to retail and commercial banking clients throughout Great Britain. They serve England and Wales, as well as their home country, Scotland, through more than 200 branches.

How Does TSB Gambling Block Work?

If you’re a new TSB client and are yet unfamiliar with the bank’s services, know that there’s a mobile app designed for your convenience. It helps you manage your TSB deposits, withdrawals, and fund transfers whenever you need to, and wherever you need to. When you turn the gambling blocks on, the TSB Bank mobile app won’t allow you to use the money in your bank account for placing bets. Thus, you won’t be able to make TSB-processed payments to gambling operators within and outside of the UK.

You may download the TSB Mobile Banking App from Google Play (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS). Registration only requires your TSB account information and personal details, which the bank’s system will need for verification purposes.

Steps to Block Gambling Transactions via TSB Bank

If you’re a TSB Bank client, and you’re worried that your betting activities are getting out of hand, you may switch the banking app’s block on for free. Based on first-hand experience, we can say that this bet-blocking tool is most effective when set in motion with our willpower, along with other available schemes in the UK. Here are the quick and easy steps to freedom from placing bets using your TSB account, via the banking app’s block:

  • Tap the Card Icon on the App’s Home Screen.
  • Click ‘Gambling block’ in the ‘Controls and Limits’ Section.
  • Toggle ‘Gambling block’ to Enable It.

Comparing GamStop and TSB Gambling Block

In case you’re wondering if the TSB gambling block covers GamStop-free casinos and bookmakers, the answer is yes. GamStop only denies you access to digital betting platforms that hold a licence from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). Meanwhile, the TSB banking app’s feature lets you block all gambling-related financial transactions at home or abroad. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t use the TSB bet-blocking tool when you’re on the UKGC-supported GamStop national self-exclusion registry. The two services complement each other.


🔗 What is the TSB gambling block?

The TSB gambling block is a feature of the TSB Mobile Banking App, which TSB Bank customers use for their banking needs. When enabled, the TSB gambling block won’t permit users to spend the money that’s in their TSB account on gambling. Being an opt-in feature, you will have to enable the TSB gambling block voluntarily.

🔗 Are there any fees for using the TSB gambling block?

No, there are no fees associated with using the TSB gambling block. This free service is available to all TSB Mobile Banking App users across Great Britain, and it applies to all gambling-related financial transactions using the TSB account. It doesn’t matter if the intended receiver of funds (or payee) is a bookie operating at home or an online casino being run from another country.

🔗 Can I limit gambling transactions with the TSB gambling block?

Yes, you can limit your gambling transactions with the TSB gambling block. This free tool allows you to bar yourself from withdrawing money from your TSB account and transferring it to gambling operators. It also allows you to lift your self-imposed restriction by simply turning the gambling block feature off. Note, however, that after removing the block, you’ll have to wait 48 hours to be able to place bets with funds from your TSB account.

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