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Using Credit Cards for Online Gambling

Using Credit Cards for Online Gambling

Despite the truth that UKGC banned credit card gambling, this is still one of the most popular payment methods to bet online. This card is safe and more secure for players, meaning your personal information is protected – such as an address, email, telephone number and name. While the 2020 credit card ban in the UK is in full force, many gamblers still wish to use this form of top-up method.

The convenience offered is understandable. Customers can have access to various sites, specifically international platforms. This card holds extraordinary opportunities for gamblers. Non-UKGC operators still accept credit cards as a payment method. Take a look at what it’s like to partake in online gambling with a credit card.

Reasons to Gamble with a Credit Card

As you most likely own a credit card, have perhaps used it in the past to gamble and wish to do so again, this section will make sense. Knowing why you would opt to use a credit card over other payments is crucial. It gives you the security of understanding the benefits of action and the intended use.

Secure & Safe Payment Method

Credit cards are synonymous with safe transactions, thus the high trust users place in them. All piece of information based on gamblers is protected. When planning to furnish your casino player account, this becomes increasingly important since these are offshore platforms. It also gives you the best leverage when disputing strange transactions start appearing.

Widely Accepted at International Sites

No payment system can compete with the global familiarity of credit cards. Due to this, a wide variety of credit card gambling sites made cc brands widely accepted as trusted depositing options. It is through the acknowledgement of credit plastics KYC procedures and AML protocols that this is the case.

Automatic Currency Conversion

Unfortunately, GBP is not always available in credit card casinos. This can mean your deposit currency would most likely be different. While the conversion rates of cc aren’t always great, they exist. You won’t have to worry about gambling ability due to variances in the currencies available.

Reasons to Skip Credit Card Betting

Naturally, everything including credit cards is like a double-sided coin. There is the good and the not-so-great side. A balanced review requires the looking glass to face both sides. In this section, we aim to represent the disadvantages associated with using this payment option. An action of this kind ensures your decision to gamble using a credit card is as informed as possible.

Additional Fees May Applied

Using a credit card can be a costly affair when it comes to paying for usage. While gambling can yield winning when playing, this concern cannot be overlooked. But since credit cards were banned, betting using one may apply an additional fee. It will be superior to use your card wisely, while also accepting that this occurrence is most likely than not to happen.

Withdrawals Can Take Several Days

Customers who transact with credit cards have to make peace that this form of casino banking takes a few days to process winning withdrawals. Fast payout casinos also cannot circumvent this because up to 7 working days can be spent waiting for gambling transactions to clear. This can cause a great deal of frustration to the user.

Mostly Offshore-Based

Not all gambling-accepted credit cards are local to the UK. That’s because banks in the UK cannot forgo the law and accept gambling transactions. Players end up finding offshore alternatives, which can add an unwanted strain. This is especially true if the customer support is also international and contact is met with difficulty.

FAQ About Using Credit Cards in Online Gambling

🤔 Can I use a credit card at gambling sites?

Yes, gambling sites do accept credit cards top-ups, as long as the sites are not UKGC-licensed. Those that hold a UKGC licence adhere to the requirements placed by the ban. Catering to your need to use credit money to gamble are the international platforms. Additionally, the card used will have to be obtained abroad since no UK bank will let gambling transactions go through.

🤔 Is it illegal to gamble on a credit card?

No, it’s legal to gamble using your credit card. It’s only illegal for UKGC casinos to accept cc payments, as well as British banks, permit them to go through. Otherwise, it’s not a problem at all for UK players to use international credit cards to gamble on licensed offshore casinos. This is the confusion that often causes many players to doubt legitimate sites that accept credit card payments.

🤔 Can I withdraw money from operators to my cc?

Yes, any casino money that you wish to withdraw can be done. The only caveat is that your transaction is a two-way flow, meaning that if your deposit was via cc, so too shall the withdrawal you make. This is all part of the AML laws that all online casinos need to adhere to ensure players are safely transacting on their sites at all times.

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