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How to Get Around GamStop Self-Exclusion?

how to get around Gamstop self-exclusion

Would you like to get around GamStop scheme? GamStop can be easily bypassed by creating accounts at gambling operators without this self-exclusion program. With these casinos and bookmakers, you can bypass the exclusion period and gamble when on GamStop straight away. Continue reading this guide at to find out more about bypassing GamStop.

If this option to avoid GamStop is not for you, you can scroll down and find other ways around GamStop that aren’t so common. Our team gas many options for you including VPN services, casinos where you can gamble when on GamStop, land-based venues, ID tricks, and a lot more! Everything you need to beat and get past the British scheme is featured below.

Top Gambling Sites that Bypass GamStop

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MyStake Casino
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Rolletto Casino
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  • Not Linked to Gamstop
  • Exclusive Sportsbook Platfrom
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Donbet Casino
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Tips to Get Around Gamstop Scheme: All Possible Options

If you have signed up for GamStop’s amenities, but you’ve changed your mind in the meantime, don’t worry, as there are several ways to go around the restrictions. Remember that even when gambling on non-GamStop sites, you still get to play at some of the best platforms. Our list below has several tricks on how to get around self-exclusion for GamStop users:

  • Join Gambling Sites Without GamStop
  • Create an Account Using Your Partner’s ID
  • Visit Land-Based Casinos or Betting Shops
  • Gamble at Crypto-Only Brands
  • Wait until GamStop’s Self-Exclusion Is Over
  • Set Up a Shared Gambling Account
  • Find Non-UK Casino Companies
  • Choose No-Verification Casino Brands

Ways Around GamStop Self-Exclusion for UK Players

Ways to Get Around Gamstop

If a UKGC license is not at the top of your list of priorities then you will easily adapt to the alternatives. Mainly, thousands of sportsbook and casino sites offer excellent services and tons of ways to gamble. Here are some of the best tips to avoid GamStop self-exclusion.

Bypass GamStop Using Non-GamStop Brands

Visit non Gamstop sites to Bypass Self-exclusion

The easiest way to get around GamStop is to look for operators that are not licensed by the UKGC. Such sites don’t belong on the list of restricted websites on GamStop. If you register at one of those, you will still get to play thousands of different games provided by the best software providers.

Moreover, there are various ongoing bonus offers that give out lucrative rewards such as free spins, bets, cashback rewards, etc. Depending on your type of gambling, you can play at sites such as the following:

  1. Sports Betting Sites Not on GamStop
  2. Casino Sites Not on GamStop
  3. Poker Sites Not on GamStop
  4. Bingo Sites Not on GamStop

Choose No-Verification Casinos

Join No Verification Casinos to beat GamStop

Another way you can bypass GamStop is to find casinos that do not require any type of verification. These platforms won’t ask you to send any documents, which means that the GamStop system won’t be able to find you. Hence, you can keep on playing without worrying about being detected by the programme.

Worth mentioning is that non-GamStop platforms are also no ID casino sites, where you shouldn`t send documents. As we said, this means that players don’t have to go through a detailed verification process after registration. Yet, both deposit and withdrawal services are fully available.

Create An Account On Another ID To Avoid Gamstop

Create An Account On Another ID to get around Gamstop

When getting around GamStop scheme, you can simply create an account that uses another ID – one that is not registered on GamStop. As we mentioned, some casinos and sportsbooks allow you to register without having to upload any documents. On these sites, you can choose to use a different ID. By using this method, you will bypass GamStop, as it will not be able to recognise you as an already registered member in its system.

Choose Non-UK Casino Brands to Get Past GamStop

Visit Non-UKGC casino to bypass GamStop

Choosing a non-UK casino is another great method to get around the GamStop system. This means that you will need to register and play at any casino that’s not licensed by the UKGC. These platforms offer excellent services, including tons of different games such as slots, tables, live, etc. and bonuses. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about safety here because these bookies and casinos are sure to have a license from another reputable organisation like the MGA. Plus, they all employ features like SSL encryption.

Get Around Self-Exclusion at Land-Based Casinos

Visit Land-Based Casinos

There is another easy way to bypass GamStop self-exclusion – visit any land-based casino. GamStop is a service that works only for online casinos and sportsbooks, meaning that if you visit any brick-and-mortar casino, GamStop won’t be able to interfere with your gaming time. These establishments, of course, offer a great variety of games. However, keep in mind that since these are not conducted online, there are many features that they limit compared to online sites, such as the use of crypto as a payment method.

Wait When Your GamStop Self-Exclusion Period Is Over

Wait till Self-Exclusion Ends

The simplest way to avoid GamStop restrictions is by waiting out your subscription. After the minimum period is over, you can cancel your self-exclusion limit by contacting the support centre at GamStop.

Let the agents know about your inquiry and tell them the reasons behind it. You can expect the GamStop restriction to be over within 24 hours after your call. This is the only way to get out of the GamStop restrictions and continue your gaming adventures at UKGC online casinos.

Join Crypto Casino Websites to Beat GamStop

Choose Crypto Casinos to Get around Gamstop

Join online crypto casinos to get around gambling block to play freely. Essentially, GamStop is based on your identification since it uses your name and address to limit your access. But, if you sign-up for a crypto casino, considering that crypto works on a decentralised network, the same restrictions would not apply.

Crypto casinos’ advantage is that they offer super fast and safe transactions that are completely anonymous. If the banking system is this advanced, you can rest assured all other segments of the platform also offer excellent services.

Set Up a Shared GamStop Gambling Account

Share One Account with Your Friends

Players who feel they do have not a gambling problem yet still want to find a way of getting around Gamstop exclusion could use a shared account. Your friend or a family member can create an account and share it with you. That way, you can use it to gamble whenever you want to. However, your friend will still be in charge of this joint account.

That being said, a friend or family member can decide how long and when you stop playing at online casinos. They can also decide on bonuses, withdrawals, etc. Simply put, in these cases, you may be limited by your buddy’s gaming wishes.

Gambling with GamStop: For and Against

Getting Around GamStop: Overview
🔥 Number of Ways Around GamStop 8+
🔥 UK Self-Exclusion Scheme GamStop
🔥 Country United Kingdom
🔥 Top Way to Bypass GamStop Non Gamstop Sites
🔥 Best Casino To Get Around GamStop Goldenbet Casino

The Gamstop program is excellent support if you have gambling issues and wish to limit your presence at online casinos. Depending on your gaming style and habits, the scheme can be beneficial or overly restrictive. Consider getting past Gamstop exclusion if you believe that you’re able to control your gambling impulses. Otherwise, remain at Gamstop for as long as possible.

Bypassing Gamstop UK: Benefits

pros of bypassing GamStop for UK players

The only official way to get round Gamstop straightforwardly is to wait for the self-exclusion time to expire. Reversing Gamstop has many upsides if you can control your urges. Anyway, the reversion bears certain downsides, too. The good news is that whatever you choose, there are still plenty of online casinos that’ll do the trick for you.

Access to Non-GamStop Brands

Those who try to get past Gamstop will get a chance to gamble at non-GamStop brands. These sites differ from UKGC sites as they don’t ask players to go through the KYC procedure. The lack of a verification process will save you some time and nerves.

You Don’t Need to Wait When GamStop Expires

If you wonder how to cancel GamStop, know that there is no way other than waiting for the limitations to expire. That is why playing on non-GamStop sites will take this burden off your shoulders. You can continue playing your favourite games without worrying about any limitations.

Chance to Find Exotic Brands

Once you decide to leave the Gamstop platform, your gambling opportunities will rocket to the sky. Many foreign casino sites will become instantly available for you to give them a go. You’ll have no limits to access exceptional online casinos.

Gamble Wherever and Whenever You Like

Once you find a perfect way for you to bypass Gamstop, you are free to play any time you want. If you choose to play at non-GamStop brands, log in on your own terms and grab some rewards from the ongoing deals. Make sure to make a deposit so you become an eligible player first.

Getting Past Gamstop: Drawbacks

cons of getting past GamStop

You want to get past Gamstop permanently? That’s great, but do you know what are the disadvantages? Never rush the decision since consequences have a significant impact and are long-lasting. Always ask yourself why you should avoid Gamstop reversal first. If you have plausible reasons for it, don’t hesitate to continue with Gamstop.

Increased Risk of Problem Gambling

Considering you are avoiding GamStop, you should be playing even more responsibly than usual. Casino gameplay can be addictive on its own, especially if you don`t use any self-exclusion tools. Consider taking additional precautions for your future gambling with no GamStop.

You Won’t Be Able to Register at UKGC Sites

Considering that you are registered with GamStop, that automatically means that you won’t be able to play at UKGC-regulated sites. You will still be able to register and play all available games provided by the best software developers on other sites that don’t have this license.

Increasing your debt (if you have one)

If you end exclusion from Gamstop, the possibility to get another short or long-term loan is quite probable. The worst comes if this is not your first loan. Getting your balance back at zero will seem like a never-reaching target.

Important Note: Our team has prepared this article on how to get around Gamstop self-exclusion only for information purposes. We recommend to follow these ways only in case if registering with Gamstop was a spontaneous decision. If you feel uncertain, follow this quiz that will identify whether you have a gambling addiction or not!

How to Get Around Gamstop: The Best Way

As you can see, there are various ways to go around GamStop and still enjoy a safe gaming experience. The simplest way is naturally to play at non-GamStop sites. For UK players that want to try out gambling despite their GamStop limits, here are the steps for the best way to get around GamStop self-exclusion:

The Best Way to Bypass GamStop
Time Needed: 00:05 minutes
Tools Needed: Your Smartphone
Supply Needed: Cash For Deposit
Select Non-GamStop Gambling Operator to bypass GamStop

Choose a Non-GamStop Gambling Operator

Each time you find a casino or sportsbook you like, make sure that the operator doesn’t have a UKGC license. You can check some platforms that our team has reviewed before to find a good non-GamStop platform.

Register at Casino and Confirm Email

Register & Confirm your Account via Email

Go through the process of registration and make sure to provide truthful information. Once you are done with this, open your email and click the link the operator sent. This way, you will confirm your registration.

Deposit Money to Play

Go to Cashier to Deposit Money

Log into your new account and visit the Cashier section. Enter the Deposit segment, choose the method you prefer, enter the amount you want to add to your balance and confirm your actions.

Play without GamStop

Enjoy Your Gameplay Without GamStop!

You are now a registered member of the casino you’ve chosen. Browse through the game array and find your favourite games. Pick a bonus and start using it to see all the benefits it can bring.

How To Get Around Internal Self-Exclusion of UK Casinos?

There are some brands that provide their own self-exclusion. This means that you can block yourself from gambling at a particular casino site. In this case, you do not need to search for GamStop avoiding ways as internal self-exclusion is a different thing. It’s also hard to bypass these schemes so we’ve written dedicated articles for each brand:

Getting Around Gamstop: Questions From Players

💡 Is there a way around Gamstop?

Yes, there are 8 ways on how to bypass Gamstop. All of them have been described in great detail in the article above. So, now that you’re aware you have multiple ways to avoid Gamstop, have fun gambling. Have a go and choose any casino listed here.

🎲 How to gamble with Gamstop?

The good news is that you can still gamble even when on Gamstop. You can find new independent casinos that have ways to get around the Gamstop network required by the UKGC. Or check the lists of online casinos that don’t cooperate with Gamstop.

🔙 Can I get round Gamstop in any official way?

There is no simple way to avoid the GamStop self-exclusion period once you have signed up and finished the registration process. The only option left to you is simply to wait until the agreed period elapses before resuming your gambling calendar. To continue enjoying gambling-related services you will be forced to choose the non GamStop casino sites which can still allow you to gamble.

💯 Do these ways work 100%?

Ultimately the ways work 100 % and have been seen solving many problems which may have been brought about as a result of compulsive gambling. To avoid Gamstop from denying you a chance of enjoying the ever-interesting gambling activities may not be easy but you will be requested to choose among the above-listed ways of getting rid of Gamstop restrictions.

🆔 Will Gamstop work if I change my name/address?

No, it won’t! Unfortunately, your account may be put to suspension for security reasons as Gamstop is able to capture your details and store it in its database. This makes it hard to alter the details which are saved once and cannot be changed.

😞 What if any of these ways doesn’t fit me?

That could be so unfortunate for you but you shall be forced to try to follow the rules of this scheme until the end of your timeframe.

⌛ How long does Gamstop last?

When registering with Gamstop, the scheme gives you several options to choose from. The minimum limit for self-excluding is six months. It will be more challenging to find ways on how to stop Gamstop if you choose one or five years. Additionally, you can set restrictions for specific sites.

📅 Gamstop expired. What to do?

You have two options to consider. One is to proceed with the exclusion for another period of your liking. The other option you have at disposal is to leave the scheme and play. Either way, you’ll have to contact support according to “Terms of Use” to get out of Gamstop or continue exclusion.

📌 Will I face problems after Gamstop expiration?

Some former Gamstop users admit that they could not gamble at casinos after self-exclusion expiration. These problems after Gamstop ends occur because of improper connections of Gamstop and casino operators. Even after your GamStop exclusion is finished, some gambling sites may receive information from Gamstop that you have to be banned from playing.

❓ What to do if gambling is still forbidden after Gamstop ends?

In this case you have two options. First, try to contact Gamstop support and resolve this problem from their side. The disadvantage of this method is that may take a lot of time to solve the issue and continue gambling at UKGC sites. Second option is to gamble at casinos that provide the way around Gamstop. It will take no time to continue spinning slots but you may lose the protection of UKGC.

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