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What Is Self-Exclusion?

What Is Self-Exclusion

Online gambling can be fun, but only if done responsibly. It’s easy for players to get caught up in the excitement and fail to control their betting impulses. One of the solutions available to tackle this problem is self-exclusion. If you’re wondering what is meant by self-exclusion, a concept frequently advertised in online gambling, you are at the right place.

Our team has prepared a short guide explaining how this scheme works and elaborating on available tools. Read on to discover how to embark on a safe gaming adventure without causing financial and mental health issues.

What Does Self-Exclusion Mean?

We believe that the best way to describe self-exclusion meaning is as a tool for recognizing and averting the harmful effects of gambling. It’s a mechanism preventing you from gambling for a specific period of time by barring access to UK-licensed casino sites. It is a self-imposed moratorium on any gambling-related activity, prohibiting access to one or more specified casinos/bookies.

How Self-Exclusion Works

Although there are different types of self-exclusion, each scheme functions on a similar principle. You need to register by providing your personal info and, in some cases, a photo. Once activated, you cannot cancel the exclusion until the specified timeframe elapses, and you will be removed from the operator’s mailing list.

The chosen self-exclusion agency will share your personal information submitted at signup with partnering licensed online casinos. Instructing platforms not to allow you to open an account or discontinue services if you are already a member.

Types of Self-Exclusion Schemes

Different operators offer self-exclusion schemes tailored for a specific type of betting. Nearly all of these options are free and safe. It’s easier and more effective to choose one service offering broad coverage than requesting a self-exclusion at individual online casinos. We compiled a list of the best providers in the UK below.

SENSE – For Land-Based Casinos Only

The convenience of the internet is not to everyone’s liking, and many players prefer the brick-and-mortar casino experience. If you see yourself as part of this group, SENSE will allow you to be excluded from all land-based casinos in the United Kingdom. Registration is available in person or via email.

GamStop – For UKGC Gambling Sites Only

It’s the most popular option in the UK for players gravitating towards UKGC-licensed operators. GamStop is a free scheme offers three options for self-exclusion, and the available periods include 6 months, one year, or 5 years. Registration is easy, and the program will block you from casino sites operating under the UKGC licence.

Internal Self-Exclusion – For All Gambling Sites

You can opt-in to exclude yourself from a specific online casino. Most operators provide multiple responsible gambling resources, including an internal self-exclusion. The principle is the same as on other programs. However, this is only effective for the given platform, and nothing stops you from migrating to another online casino.

MOSES – For Betting Shops Only

MOSES is an acronym for Multi-Operator Self Exclusion Scheme and allows you to implement a self-exclusion from betting shops with one phone call. You need to call 0800 294 2060 to join the scheme and cannot register via email. It’s a service customised to your personal habits and needs.

BACTA – For Adult Gaming Centres Only

BACTA specialises in self-exclusion from Adult Gaming Centers, and you can contact them at 020 3930 9769 and request their support. They will exclude you from a specific venue and any other venue within a 1-kilometre radius. You will have to choose the length of the self-exclusion period with options between 6 and 12 months.

BISES – For Bingo Rooms Only

Bingo might appear like a harm-free game, but it’s easy to develop an obsession. The Bingo Association runs the BISES scheme and will exclude you from licensed land-based bingo rooms across the British Isle. You must visit your local bingo club and submit a self-exclusion request.


✔️ What does self-exclusion mean?

Self-exclusion is a tool that allows you to take active measures to remove yourself from wagering in online casinos or land-based venues. It’s a system implemented by different organizations with which you enter into a formal agreement at your behest.

✔️ Are self-exclusion tools effective?

Yes, self-exclusions are effective responsible gambling tools and the best way to take a break from wagering. Once activated, it’s not possible to reverse the process even if you change your mind. You can create space to reconsider your gaming activities and use the time to heal financially and mentally.

✔️ How to self-exclude from gambling sites?

The best option is to join GamStop. This service will prevent access to all UK-based casino sites. You can also use internal self-exclusions offered by most online casinos. The process is straightforward: you need to register with a service and agree on the length and other details of your exclusion.

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