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Why Is GamStop Mandatory For UK Online Casinos?

Why Is GamStop Mandatory For UK Online Casinos?

The online market in the United Kingdom is highly-regulated, and GamStop UK is one of the additions. GamStop is part of the responsible gambling policies, and it comes hand in hand with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission license. In fact, GamStop is a must for every online casino that wants to operate with a UKGC licence.

Unlike other responsible gaming politics, GamStop lets you control your Internet wagering activities for free. For the players, that means that they have a party to turn to if they feel like they have a gaming problem. Let’s see why are all British online casinos part of GamStop and what the program entails.

Why Are UK Operators Obliged To Be Part Of GamStop?

UK online casino operators must be part of the GamStop community and provide a safe experience for players. GamStop offers self-exclusion features that aim to help gambling addicts stop playing casino games. Here you’ll find a few reasons why British casino operators must be a part of the GamStop program:

The Laws from the UKGC

The rules in the UK are simple: No GamStop – no license. The UK Gambling Commission has strict laws that any operator must follow in order to operate a casino site under their belt. The UKGC won’t issue a license if the operator is missing its GamStop partnership because safe gaming is an important chapter.

Minimise the Risk of Gambling-Related Harm

GamStop is there to help addicts when needed, thus minimising the consequences of uncontrolled gambling. The self-exclusion program can prevent any online gaming activities in UK-based casinos for a given period of time. Therefore, the UKGC is determined to end excessive gaming, where gamers spend more than they can afford.

Support and Treatment for Problem Gamblers

As a self-exclusion gambling scheme, GamStop is not just about blocking gambling websites. The program also offers support and treatment for problematic gamers. If self-exclusion and casino blocking are not enough, don’t hesitate to use all other options to help you with your gambling addiction. You can get reach out via phone or email.

Why Is GamStop Required FAQ

🤔 Do all online casinos licensed in the UK participate in GamStop?

Yes, all Internet gaming platforms in the United Kingdom are part of GamStop. If an online casino operator wants to open a gambling website in the UK, it must cooperate with GamStop. This is for online gambling prevention, and the UK Gambling Commission won’t issue a license if the operator is missing its GamStop stamp.

🇬🇧 Are there any casinos not on GamStop available for Brits?

Yes, there are online casinos not participating in GamStop that accept gamers from the UK. However, we’re talking about online gaming sites that aren’t registered in the UK at all, a.k.a offshore sites. These may be under the MGA, CGA, or other gaming authorities, or they might not have a licence permit at all.

💡 What will happen to a UK casino in case it’s not compliant with GamStop?

If an online gaming site in the UK does not follow the GamStop rules, the operator will have to pay high penalties. Plus, once established that the provider didn’t follow the UKGC imposed regulations, it will lose its operating licence, and the site will be banned from the UK online casino market.

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