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William Hill Restricted My Account – What to Do?

William Hill Account Restricted

William Hill, like many other prominent bookies, might restrict the accounts of punters for a variety of reasons such as security concerns, identity verification, fraud prevention, or violations of the terms of service. They might also limit your bet size just to make more money. There is no shortage of William Hill closed account stories and all of them are different. We’re going to talk about the reasons in detail below.

Why Have William Hill Restricted My Account?

The operator imposes strict mandatory terms and conditions on each registered client. To avoid the risk of facing a restricted William Hill account, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the potential causes of account blocks. Here are the most common reasons:

Violation of Bonus Terms

First of all, if you violate any of the bonus terms and conditions, they have the full right to restrict or close your account. A lot of unsuspecting punters are caught off-guard. Do your due diligence in understanding all the terms applicable to your use of the bonus funds such as not withdrawing before playing through the minimum wagering requirement.

Self-Exclusion Imposed by GamStop

f you’ve signed up for GamStop, then your payment method can be blocked as William Hill is a UK-registered sportsbook – and by law, it has to honour the self-exclusion program. If you’re looking for a way out, then you might be interested in joining a non GamStop gambling site accessible for Brits.

Matched Betting

Matched betting or arbitrage is a strategy where punters place bets on multiple sites to make use of the difference in odds offered. This pretty much offers a guaranteed profit. If you use the sign-up bonuses and other promotions to capitalise on the odds differences, it’s basically bonus abuse. Bookies work together more closely than you think and can identify matched betting to a scary good accuracy.

Suspicious Behaviour

Lastly, if your account has any kind of suspicious behaviour, they can limit your account or close it. This includes placing strange bets, such as in fractions, or having a highly unusual or varying betting pattern. Even if you are not using any exploitation strategy, unusual behaviour can be easily flagged as suspicious – thus resulting in a ban.

What Steps to Take in Case of William Hill Account Restriction?

Whether your account has been restricted (such as if you can’t place bets higher than a particular amount) or closed completely, there is no sure-shot way to get it back to normal. Here are a few things you can try but note that your individual experience will vary depending on the actual reason and severity of any violation:

Reach Out to William Hill Customer Service

If you haven’t already, you should get in touch with the support staff of William Hill. They have a contact page where you can start a conversation via live chat. From this page, you can also choose to raise a complaint – this opens up a different page.

Consider Alternative Betting Platforms

If the customer service cannot solve your issue, your best bet is to check out the leading non UK betting sites that offer reliable odds and a large number of events to bet on. There are many such sportsbooks registered outside the UK that have more flexible rules and regulations as they cater to an international audience.

Wait for the End of the Self-Exclusion Period:

If your restriction is simply due to GamStop, you also have the option to wait out the time period. Remember, this is a period that you set for your own financial goals, so always remember the reason why it was put up in the first place and wait it out.

Where to Bet If William Hill Account Is Restricted?

If your William Hill account is restricted and there’s no way out in sight, here are some options you can try. Note that we have done extensive research and testing of all of these platforms. Our reviews cover every aspect and detail of these non-UK and non-GamStop sportsbook platforms. Read up on the reviews to determine which one fits for you.

William Hill Account Closed: FAQ

🔗 Why is my William Hill account restricted?

The reasons could range from suspicious activity and violation of the bonus terms to attempting to do matched betting and being self-excluded by GamStop. It’s also known that William Hill limits stakes on pretty ambiguous grounds sometimes, such as when they want you to spend more money on their casino section instead. These restrictions are often temporary and can be solved by talking to customer support.

🔗 If William Hill closed my account, what actions should I take?

The first thing that you should do is take it up with customer support. William Hill has a responsive and reliable live chat support staff that can answer all of your queries. If, for any reason, they can’t tell you the reason or solve the problem for you, then your best bet is to make a new account on another bookie – preferably one registered outside the UK (and therefore, outside the purview of GamStop as well). Check our alternatives list above.

🔗 How do I avoid future account locks?

If you’ve got your account back somehow, here are a few things to keep in mind: avoid any kind of suspicious betting activity, such as placing bets in fractions (£8.94, for example). This hints that you’re trying to use a strategy or game the system somehow. Also, don’t place irregular bets and don’t overspend. William Hill might take action quicker the next time it notices you’re being irresponsible with your funds. Try to do not to use any strategies, including matched betting.

🔗 What occurs to my funds if my William Hill account is locked?

Generally, if your funds are locked, you should contact William Hill customer support as soon as possible. They will clarify how the funds will be handled. The policies vary from case to case, and they might be returned promptly or held by William Hill temporarily until further investigation.

Useful to Read

William Hill isn’t alone in restricting and closing accounts. Different sportsbooks in the UK have different policies, but they all pretty much restrict accounts based on similar criteria. We have covered each one in a lot of detail, covering the common points of how account closures work and the reasons behind them for each of them.

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